HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 32

HP + EPIC GAMES TEAM UP TO CREATE HP VR LAUNCH KIT // STREAMLINING VR DEVELOPMENT WITH A REVOLUTIONARY SOLUTION ALLEN BUCKNER Head of VR Segment Development, HP Virtual reality (VR) technology is being explored by more and more businesses. Certain industries, like product design and architecture, lend themselves perfectly to working with VR. Their workflows often use static designs or 3D CAD designs that limit the customer’s vision of their work. VR presents a solution to this challenge: It can be used to bring product and building designs to life, displaying compelling textures, lighting details and vibrant colors. It allows you to truly visualize what a design will look like at scale. At HP, we talked to hundreds of companies looking to infuse VR solutions into their workflows, and we discovered a recurring pain point: How could we work with our customers to get 3D content out of CAD and into a custom VR experience? SPIKE HUANG VP of VR and Gaming Business Unit, HP To answer that question and assist developers in learning the ropes of this new medium, we teamed up with Epic Games to create the HP VR Launch Kit for Unreal Engine. “The HP VR Launch Kit for Unreal Engine will be invaluable to organizations that are new to VR,” said Marc Petit, General Manager of Unreal Enterprise (Epic Games). “Having the tools to rapidly demonstrate the potential of VR with relevant industry samples, profiling hardware configurations and getting knowledge and hands-on experience will drive informed business decisions. The alliance between HP and Epic Games can accelerate adoption and simplify customer workflows, transforming CAD into immersive design experiences.” Innovation Journal Issue Ten