HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 31

CONTINUED LEARNING IN EMERGENCIES Another vulnerable population includes those who are displaced by conflict or emergencies. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimates one in 113 people is now an asylum seeker, a displaced person, or a refugee. These individuals have had their educations and careers fully uprooted. Being able to continue learning provides vital continuity, hope and skills that enable them to contribute in an evolving digital workforce. Working with UNHCR and other partners, we are establishing six new HP Learning Studios in the Middle East focused on enabling refugee youths to learn in-demand skills to enhance their employment opportunities. In September 2017—in partnership with UNHCR, InZone and CARE—we opened two of the three Learning Studios in Jordan at the Azraq Refugee Camp and in Amman. A third will open at the town community of Azraq, and three more are planned for Lebanon. HP also announced a $1 million technology grant to the Clooney Foundation for Justice as part of the Foundation’s $2.25 million partnership with UNICEF and Google.org to support formal education for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The partnership with UNICEF will help nine public schools provide critical education opportunities to nearly 4,000 refugee students this school year and will support a pilot program using technology tools to advance learning outcomes for refugee children. The nine schools provide learning to refugee students during an afternoon “second shift,” after the Lebanese students’ school day has ended. The technology tools used in this program will also benefit thousands of Lebanese students and teachers, further extending the impact. MEETING STUDENTS WHERE THEY ARE To achieve our vision of creating a better life for everyone everywhere, we must close the divide that separates unserved and underserved populations from opportunity. Children living in areas without Internet or other technology access will compete against digital natives in the workforce. In India, a country where 41% of children drop out before completing upper primary school, HP World on Wheels mobile learning labs bring digital literacy and common public services to isolated and disadvantaged people. Over the next six years, HP World on Wheels mobile learning labs will serve about 6,400 Indian villages, impacting an estimated 15 million people. DRIVING A BUSINESS IMPERATIVE Reinventing learning to improve outcomes is a virtuous cycle. It tackles a primary cause of economic and social inequality. Making education more accessible and effective helps people get better jobs, launch small businesses and create opportunities for their families and communities. It’s imperative that we prepare our future leaders. To that end, HP is aligning our Sustainable Impact agenda with our business priorities to improve lives, build an adaptable workforce and fuel a growing marketplace for HP products while strengthening our brand. Learn more at www.hp.com/sustainableimpact Sustainable Impact 31