HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 26

students; visited more than 200 schools; and engaged in research with the world’s best nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). HP is the fastest-growing vendor in education with a deep and diverse partner ecosystem. Leveraging the combined experience of thousands of schools around the world, HP has created a full spectrum of education solutions from K-12 to higher education to lifelong learning—all focused on learning outcomes and equipping a 21st-century workforce. This approach to education technology enables personalized learning, deeper student engagement, instructional innovation and better school management. ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS FACE THE SAME CHALLENGES AS OTHER BUSINESSES WITH A CHANGING FUTURE OF WORK The rapidly changing business landscape is complex, and the mandates for education parallel enterprise imperatives in many ways. There is unprecedented pressure for educators, in K-12 and higher education alike, to manage costs, to be resource efficient (especially with regard to energy consumption), to measure impact and outcomes and to actively secure data and information for students, educators and administrators. Educators are challenged to update curricula, to make learning more relevant and accessible across different learning styles, needs and contexts, and to address re-skilling needs in the workforce. As classrooms embrace more engaged, personalized and immersive learning, there is also pressure to understand the technology that enables it. HP’s extensive resources for educators and administrators are designed to meet this critical need and empower educators to make the most of these amazing new tools for teaching and learning. » N  ext-generation collaboration » V  ocational, technical, and modular learning NEW DEVICES AND SOLUTIONS ARE NEEDED TO SUPPORT NEW MODELS OF TEACHING AND LEARNING A next-generation learning environment deserves next- generation personal computing systems for learners: rugged devices with long battery life, which are lightweight and loaded with collaboration-and-creation tools and features, and are protected by advanced security and monitoring technology. These are the requirements for HP’s Education Edition products and solutions based on feedback HP gathered from thousands of teachers, students and school administrators. The HP ProBook x360 Education Edition is an example, reflecting HP’s focus on offering students everywhere all-the-time access to content, curricula and collaboration they need to enable true learning, delivering meaningful outcomes for themselves and their communities. LOOK DIFFERENT HP Learning Studios, deployed in more than 15 countries worldwide, bring state-of-the-art educational technology from HP, Microsoft and partners into the classroom. Equipment in the studios comprises a range of products for exploring and learning, including HP’s Education Edition products, Sprout Pro and HP PageWide printers; Dremel 3D printers; and Microsoft Windows 10, Office 365, Skype and OneNote. Students and educators at every level can learn how to use the latest tools to solve real-world problems, craft unique learning experiences and prepare for careers in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). Next-generation learning is dynamic, kinetic and engaging. It’s designed for the interactive real-world environment, rather than a traditional, passive lecture format. Technology is enabling new mod