HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 18

GAGAN SINGH VP and Global Head of Premium Notebook Product Management, Security, Innovation and Software, Personal Systems Business, HP » I  nteractive conference rooms providing efficient and technology-enabled meetings and collaboration » I  ntegrated communal spaces to encourage socializing, recreation and wellness: the comforts of home migrating into the work- place, in our increasingly connected world VALI ALI HP Fellow and Chief Technologist, Security and Privacy, Business Personal Systems, HP Today’s work/lifestyle is connected, connecting and converged. Sixty-two percent 1 of employees report working regularly from more than one location, 65 percent 2 say they collaborate multiple times a day, and 81 percent 3 report that work activities happen during personal time. And, perhaps not surprisingly, entertainment activities on work personal computers (PCs) have doubled. These trends are bound to continue; the workforce will be 50 percent 4 millennials by 2020, and 88 percent 5 of millennials report wanting this work/life integration. As remote work and collaboration solutions have become more productive and mainstream, physical environments are evolving to maximize the interaction and immediacy an office space can and should provide, including: » A  gile workspaces designed for individual productivity » I  nformal meeting areas encouraging co-creation and conversation Innovation Journal Issue Ten It’s clear that traditional boundaries are dissolving, and the “office of the future” spans work and the rest of our lives. Security must evolve and keep pace. Dramatic changes have taken place in where, when and how people are working, and those changes will continue to transform our personal and work environments. The modern office is evolving in keeping with patterns and trends emerging among workers. The physical buildings and firewalls that reliably kept people and assets safely inside and security threats outside are being transformed by an altogether more porous and flexible workspace often described as “anytime, anywhere.” Securing a vibrant, mobilized, distributed workplace is more challenging and more critical than ever before. It is a challenge that has consistently driven HP’s long history of industry leadership in creating security innovation and standards. We produce some of the world’s most secure and manageable personal systems and printers today, and our drive to improve security across the spectrum of devices never rests. We’re designin p77FV2BFWf6W2f"7&W"&W6ƖV6RvF6V7W&G'VBg&FRw&VBWFV&FV7BFWFV7BB&VVFFRGF6>( @vF֖FW''WFFW6W'2vRVW&VfVFr6V7W&GF&WGFW"VW@FRVVG2bFR6vrv&6^( @FF( 2BF'&~( 2F2V0FW6vr6V7W&Gg&FRfW'w&VBW&vBFFR&Gv&RbW"FWf6W3g&