HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 13

ONELIFE: INTEGRATED DESIGN + SOFTWARE EXPERIENCE // DESIGNING PRODUCTS THAT FIT IN AT HOME AND WORK LANCE HILL Global Head of Insights, HP JAEWOO CHUNG Head of User Experience Design, CEPS & Immersive Computing Group, HP Computing has become ubiquitous, transforming the way we work, learn and play. Office spaces are more collaborative, flexible and unbound by geography or time. Technology in homes is quickly becoming more connected, smarter and intuitive to use. Our business at HP is divided into two sections: devices made for personal use and those designed for commercial use. However, our customers have only OneLife. One way of doing things, one set of expectations, one set of preferences. OneLife: Integrated Design + Software Experience // Designing Products That Fit In at Home and Work 13