HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 11

Trends marking the road ahead As we look forward with all of this in mind, there are five key expectations that we believe will truly define the Experience Age and the Future of Computing: ONELIFE The lines between home and work have permanently blurred. In part because of matured mobility solutions and devices, and in part because of the way technology is infused in all aspects of our lives: at work, at play, at home and out in the world. We should be empowered to make a life on our terms and not merely according to a nine-to-five schedule, or the location of our desk. CONNECTED We expect connectivity everywhere we are—in line at the coffee shop, at our favorite surf spot, or picking the kids up after school. And for Gen Z, the need is even stronger. Connectivity is expected in the devices we need for both work and play. But critically, public Wi-Fi is no longer enough: It’s slow and it’s often unsafe. 4G- and 5G-enabled devices, and not just mobile phones, are becoming the new normal. SECURITY Hackers grow more sophisticated every day, and every endpoint device can be a point of entry. Customers need to be able to move around in the world and collaborate knowing they are protected from malware, from phishing and even from the person just stealing a glance over their shoulder. When 70% of all security breaches start at an endpoint device, this truth is clear: Every device decision is a security decision. Period. The Future of Computing: The Road to 2030 SMART Customers expect technology that knows them—that is even one step ahead of them. The rise in data volumes gives us immense potential to create hyper-personalized, AI-driven technologies and devices that can anticipate our needs and be ready at the call of our voice. SNAPSHOT OF A CHANGING LANDSCAPE » Most younger workers expect tech in their offices to be as good or better than their tech at home, but only 47% of end users report being satisfied with work devices. Source: HP, Proprietary Research. EVERYTHING AS A SERVICE » 62% of us work from Our customers today can get so much done in their lives as a service: Taxis. Movies. Clothing. Food. Software. This trend will only further permeate our lives, and we must deliver technology and devices in a way that matches these expectations. more than one location. We are listening to these trends and creating amazing experiences for our customers. And we’re just getting started. Our Megatrends initiative maps to the year 2030, a horizon that is less than 12 years away. Seems like a relatively short time frame—but in a time of accelerated innovation, it’s not. Th [X LYX\YΈXXY\Y[ܙX]Y [YH]]\BX\ۙHY&]^\ \H\XB\\[ۈ[\\܈[[\][K]^Y\\YX[Z[\X\˂\H\ KX\H\[\\[&]][Y[Y\)^H\B\\[H[\HܚٛܘK\N ]X[]]]B\X\][\\ MK Q[[XH L XX\YY˜[]\K[[\]š[[Y\]H[[\X]B^\Y[\˂\YX\H\وXX\\][™[[]X\XY \N\^ۋ M]HXX[\Y][ۂ\ܝ MHوX\]Xœ\]\[˂\N[[][Y]\[ 8'[\Y\ۛ[HX\]B\\[K8'HX M˂H^ LYX\[HB\[و^][[ݘ][ۈ[[XY[Y[K[BY \[و[[Y[Bܝ[]KH\[\[ݘ][ۈ[[Hۈ[[H^\Y[HYHYH܂\\Y\[Y\[HYYو\[[ܛ \x&\[Z]]H[X\\ L