Howard Lake Community Guide 2016-17 - Page 7

h oward Lake GUIDEBOOK 2016-2017 7 Creating a better community Photo by Ana Alexander This new sign was one of the Howard Lake Area Chamber of Commerce’s projects, and was installed in 2015 to welcome people to Howard Lake. By Ana Alexander Staff Writer The Howard Lake Area Chamber of Commerce has paved the way for many city improvement projects, and worked along with the City of Howard Lake for many of those. The chamber has created several committees to assist in its advocacy and support for Howard Lake. The Quality of Life Committee works to make Howard Lake a more beautiful place for residents. The Quality of Life Committee has added planters along Highway 12, as well as enhancing Lions Park. The Local Economy Committee helps support local businesses through marketing and networking strategies. The Youth []\H][Y[[Z]YHܚš[ܙX\Hܝ[]Y\܈[[[Z[Y\[HX\[\\\[ܝ[]Y\[H[][]K[ MH[X\ٙ\YH]X[\[\ܘ[ܘ[H[\YH\[\ۙ\[H\ZB[][]KH[X\ٙ\Y]\\ K XX H[X\ۜܜHZY܈^\X[B[\\[\ݚY[\\܈HZY܂^\X[HXXYX\H[X\[H\\\][[Z\\\وHYYHH[Z\\\ܝZY܈^\ˈ]H[Z\\H[X\[Xۚ^\[\Y[܈Z\\ܚˈH[X\ٙ\YHY\[]\ΈHYXH]\ \\\]\ [X[BY]\ XXۚ^\]\[\ۙ\[\ZKH[X\\[Hۜ܈وH\ZH\Y\“X\] XZ\XHX\ۘ[H[Y[[ܚX[\ˈ[[ܜ]\X]\[[ۙ^KXKY[XYH\[\][\˂[\[\\[[\HZ\X[\X\[HYY][Y[X\وH[][]H]H\ZH\[\^˂H[X[][\YHH[X\Z\XH[[[\Yܛ[\X\][ۈH[ܜ\[\][Y\˂[ MKH^X]\Y M[܈[\Y[ZHXZ٘\[ܙH[L ][Y\˂۝XH\ZH[X\و[Y\K[XZ[[\ZX[X\K[ L H L LK܈\]]X]N\ZX[X\KYH KN MLKT͍‚˙Z[[˘Bۙ\ \]܂S˂\[^H]\ۂ\Y[X[8([Y\X[8(\\•[[H[]X[]H\XK[H‚(Z[X[[¸(Z[\X[Y[(YR][¸(\XHYܙY[Y[”¸([Y\H[X[ۈZ[ ¸(\ Y۝X[¸(]\\X[Y[([\Y\XB