Howard Lake Community Guide 2016-17 - Page 4

4 h oward Lake GUIDEBOOK 2016-2017 Government Directory City of Howard Lake City Council: Mayor – Pete Zimmerman, Council members – Tom Kutz, Mike Mitchell, Al Munson, and one spot vacant as of press time. The council meets the third Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. in the city hall at 625 8th Ave., (320) 543-3670, fax (320) 5433306. The city website is City Staff: City Administrator/Community Development Director/Clerk Nick Haggenmiller; email:; Accountant/Treasurer Meghan Rathkamp. Police Chief Dave Thompson; Sergeant Eric Anderson, and Darek Szczepanik; police station, (320) 543-3670. Public Works Staff: Tom Goepfert, Tim Kosek, and Clayton Prestidge; (320) 543-2318. Howard Lake Wine & Spirits: Store Mananger Myra Laway; (320) 543-2038. City Planner: Nate Sparks, Northwest Associated Consultants; (320) 543-3670. City Financial Advisor: Shannon Sweeney, David Drown & Associates; (612) 920-3320. Building Inspector: Metro West Inspections; (800) 2231720. Fire Chief: Daryl Drusch, fire station; (320) 543-2001. Assistant Fire Chiefs: First Assistant Chief Glenn Hofer; Second Assistant Chief Scott Graham. Ambulance Director: Jake Drusch. City Attorney: Halverson, Langemo & Paschke; and Couri, Ruppe PLLP; (763) 497-1930. City Assessor: Ken Yager; (320) 963-6219 City Auditors: Conway, Deuth, and Schmiesing City Engineer: Bolton & Menk, Inc Civil Defense Director: Craig Lobertmann Public Finance Advisor: David Drown & Associates Building Official: Metro West Inspection Services. Health Officer: Ridgeview Medical Clinic Acting Mayor: Tom Kutz Acting City Administrator: Dave Thompson Economic Development Authority: City council Housing Redevelopment Authority: City council Park and Planning Commission: Jean Schmidt, Vern Kleve, Mike Mitchell, Mike Horn, and April Debner Liquor Commission: Tom Kutz and Pete Zimmerman Cable/ Public Access Commission: Margaret Marketon, Kendell Kubasch, Tom Kutz, and Mike Mitchell Public Works Committee: Al Munson Community Development Committee: Pete Zimmerman and Al Munson Public Safety Committee: Tom Kutz and Mike Mitchell Intergovernmental Committee: Pete Zimmerman and Tom Kutz Finance Committee: Pete Zimmerman Personnel Committee: Pete Zimmerman and Al Munson. Official Website: Official Public Access Channel: PACT 10 Official Newspaper: Herald Journal Official Depositories: Citizen’s Alliance Bank; Citizen’s Alliance Bank of Clara City; Community Bank, Goldman Sachs, New York, NY; CitiBank, Salt Lake City, UT; Amex Centurion Submitted photo Nick Haggenmiller is Howard Lake’s city administ Ʌѽȸ()AѼ%مIѕ()!݅ɐ1 չՑ́5չͽQ-谁5ȁAєiɵ55э͕ЁمФ((