Howard Lake Community Guide 2016-17 - Page 28

28 h oward Lake GUIDEBOOK 2016-2017 The HLWW administrative team includes high school Principal Jason Mix, middle school Principal Jim Schimelpfenig, elementary Principal Jennifer Olson, Superintendent Brad Sellner, Community Ed Director Margaret Marketon, elementary Dean of students Kelli Westling, and special education coordinator Linda Wharram. Readiness), guides students on post-high school planning, volved and to support students. career choices, college application, and other “real-life” skills • Special activities to expand student interests and experineeded to succeed in today’s world. ences, such as student councils, after-school activities, Eng• A wide variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses and lish learners, special programs to assist and encourage healthy College In the School (CIS) courses in agriculture and math- students, sixth-grade Deep Portage outdoor experience, ematics are available in the high school, as well as technical fourth-grade fishing expo, and many others are available. college credit courses that are available through our partner• A generous, supportive community has awarded more ship with Wright Technical Center. than $39,000 for 2015-16 in local scholarships to graduating • HLWW high school offers a nationally-recognized FFA HLWW seniors each year. program that includes consistent state and national award• Our schools have financial strength to further improve winners. HLWW FFA was named the premier chapter of the learning environment. New and remodeled facilities exMinnesota in 2007. In 2010, HLWW FFA worked on an addi- ist throughout the school district; elementary schools (2007), tion of a greenhouse to the school, and was a farm-to-school high school (2008), middle school (2015), and MAWSECO grant recipient. (2015). In 2009 and 2011, through much community support, • An alternative learning program (ALP) was formed for the local levies were restudents in grades 9-12, to help them reach graduation stan- newed for a period of 10 dards and achieve credits using an online curriculum, and is years. Contact numbers housed at the Meeker and Wright Special Education CooperaWe have the programs, HLWW District tive (MAWSECO) in Howard Lake. staff, and opportunities Office (320) 543-4646 Superintendent Brad Sellner • Boys’ and girls’ sports teams encourage participation and that children need for Secretary Marilyn Greeley achieve success. Middle school sports focus on fundamentals education, development, HLWW High School and skill-building; high school athletics include baseball, bas- and growth. (320) 543-4600 ketball, wrestling, golf, track and field, volleyball, gymnastics, The wisdom of our exPrincipal/Curriculum Director football, cross country, and softball. There is an opportunity perienced staff, and the Jason Mix for all kids to participate. enthusiasm of our new Secretary Sandy Stallmo • High school extracurricular activities meet a wide range of staff create a learning interests, including Knowledge Bowl, student council, Nation- environment for student HLWW Middle School (320) 543-3501 al Honor Society, speech, clay target, drama, yearbook, Letter success. Many of our Principal/Staff Developments Club, and more. The outstanding drama department hosts an staff members are reDirector Jim Schimelpfenig annual musical production and is a frequent state honor-win- turning to college to earn Secretary Laurie Nelson ner in one-act competition, including highest honors. their master’s degree. Humphrey Elementary School • Many technology upgrades and advancements are in We’re proud of our (320) 543-4680 place. Smartboard systems are used in classrooms around the school district and how Principal Jennifer Olson district. Wireless capabilities have been added throughout all we make the grade for Secretary Terry Knuth district schools. Google Chromebooks are provided to all 9-12 the families of this comstudents at the high school and ALP. munity every day. Winsted Elementary School (320) 543-4690 • HLWW has involved, caring parents and supportive comContact us at (320) Principal Jennifer Olson munity members. School events are well-attended by parents, 543-4646 with any quesSecretary Julie Stifter grandparents, and friends; parent advisory committees, trav- tions, or for more ineling sports teams, field trips, Laker Pride, and district cur- formation, check our HLWW Community Education (320) 543-4670 riculum advis ory committee, etc are offered. There are many website at www.hlww. Margaret Marketon opportunities for parents and community members to be in- St. James School need finalizing photo is missing also. Also almost all pages have had arial in them, need to get that cleaned up for next