Howard Lake Community Guide 2016-17 - Page 27

h oward Lake GUIDEBOOK 2016-2017 27 HLWW School District By Brad Sellner Superintendent Independent School District 2687, serving the communities of Winsted, Waverly, and Howard Lake, is dedicated to providing a high-quality education for its youth. With that commitment, we strive for excellence and opportunity for each student in every offering and activity of the school district. The district comprises an area of about 115 square miles, primarily in Wright County, with a portion located in McLeod County, and a small portion in Carver County. District 2687’s 9-12 high school and 5-8 middle school are located between Howard Lake and Winsted on Wright County Road 6. The k-4 elementary and preschool facilities are located in Waverly HLWW High School was and Winsted. named one of “America’s Best HLWW High School was High Schools” by US News and honored by being named World Report in 2016. one of “America’s Best High Schools” by US News and World Report. Out of over 21,000 high schools, HLWW High School was ranked in the top 11 percent in the nation. In 2016, HLWW High School earned a Silver Medal. Both Humphrey Elementary (2012) and Winsted Elementary (2013) received the National Blue Ribbon Award from the US Department of Education. Winsted Elemen- Humphrey Elementary School tary has also been recognized received the National Blue as a Minnesota School of Ribbon Award in 2012. Excellence in 2014, and as a Reward School by the Minnesota Department of Education in 2011, 2012, 2014, and 2015. Some of the highlights of our district are: • Small class sizes and an environment that fosters good teacher-student-parent relationships and allows for individualized attention to students. Small class sizes help creWinsted Elementary School ate an opportunity for all stureceived the National Blue dents to participate in activiRibbon Award in 2013. ties, too. This allows children to work with other community members, connecting and making long-lasting friendships. Teachers and staff are kind and caring, so kids feel protected and safe as they learn. Safe and convenient bus transportation is provided to all resident students and some non-resident students. • A strong focus on academics at all grade levels is proven by student scores on state tests that are consistently at, or above state average; ACT scores are consistently at, or above national and state averages; graduates qualify for colleges of their choice. Elementary and middle schools help prepare students for high school and beyond. • An excellent music program, including annual elementary musicals is offered. Middle and high school students can continue in music, through band, choir, jazz and pep band, marching band, and individual band lessons. Top honors are won by large groups, ensembles, and soloists each year. • A strong Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) program offers school-year and summer activities that are fun and educational, and services such as early childhood screening, parent and child activities, parenting information, and new baby welcome packets. • Educational, nurturing, and fun preschool for 3- to 5-yearolds is located at Humphrey Elementary in Waverly, and at Winsted Elementary. Curriculum has a focused approach on learning, and a strong emphasis on literacy skills. Transportation provided; scholarships available. • School Age Care (SAC) is available for students grades k-6 before and after school and some non-school days, located at the new middle school through HLWW Commun Սѥɽ٥ݽɬͥхոѥ٥ѥ̰)ٕЁȁ䁙̸QɅхѥمѼ)ɽ͍́ȁɥи+!1]\ չՍѥѥ٥ѥ̰Սѥɕɕѥٕ́ȁѠѼ԰ѠȰ)ձ́ɔ+%ȁɅ崰ѹ́ѕȁ́͡ɔɕѼՑ̰ձ̰̰͕́ѡɽ՝չ䁕Սѥ+ձЁٽչѕȁɽɅ́Ё䁙ȁɕ́)չ䁵́ѼٽչѕȁѡɽݥѠ)͍ѥ٥ѥ̰ݽɬɽ́ѡȁ̸+Mɽ͍Ʌ̀Դఁɽ٥́ѥٔ)Ʌͥѥ٥ɽЁݡՑ́ٔѡ)ձѕѥѡɽ՝مɥ䁽Ʌѽ䁽չѥ̸)ͼɥ٥ͽɽɅ́ɕѼЁՑϊd̸9܁͍䀠Ԥɽ٥́)Յ䁕Սѥ͕ѥMщɐ ɽ)ѕ䁥͕́ɽ̸+!1]\́ɽչѥ͍͕)Ѡ͍ͽՑ̰Յ̰ͥՍѥѕ䰁ѡ䁱٥ѕ䁄)ݥɅ䁽ѥٕ̰Ս́5PЁɕȰݡɔ)Ց́ɸЁɕȁѥѥ M$聍ɽ(ɕ͍ͥ쁅͍쁙ɥձɔͭѽAՉ͡ѕM͠쁵ͥȁ쁹ͥ쁅)䁵ɔ+Ɉ͍٥ͽɽɅIUQ((