How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 9

PHOTO SUBMISSION * All applications, transfers, and Temp to Perm transactions MUST BE accompanied by AT LEAST FOUR (4) CURRENT color photographs showing all markings. * Photos must be no larger than 3 x 3 inches with the horse's image being 80% of the photograph. * The four photographs must be as follows: Left side Right side Headshot 1 Headshot 2 * The head shots must be of the head facing the camera WITH THE FORELOCK PULLED COMPLETELY ASIDE SO THE ENTIRE FLAT OF THE FACE IS CLEARLY VISIBLE. * The side shots must show the entire horse from ears to hooves. * A Temporary Certificate will be issued until the horse reaches 36 months of age. If the horse is thirty-four (34") or under and 36 months of age, a Permanent Certificate will be issued after certification of height by the owner. Here are four examples of acceptable photographs to be submitted to the AMHA: A photo submission form is available to assist you with this process. It allows you to properly size the photos and ensure that you have the correct photos to submit. It is optional to use this form. LEFT SIDE RIGHT SIDE HEADSHOT 1 HEADSHOT 2