How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 6

REGISTRATION APPLICATION - SECTION 1 Next up, you will need to fill out the following information on your horse. PLEASE NOTE: If your horse is 24 months or older at the time of application for registration, it MUST be DNA tested and parent qualified. Height: Foaling Date Sex: Gelded Date Need help determining your horse's height? Click below for a How To Measure guide. Once you determine the horse's height (in inches), please list it in the height box. How To Measure Your Horse You may select from one of three options for your horse's sex; Mare, Stallion or Gelding. If your horse has been gelded by the time you are applying for registration, the fee is just $10. If the horse was gelded, please note the date. The last information needed here is the foaling date. Pretty simple - just give us the month, day and year that your foal was born. Please be sure to double check this date and ensure it is accurate. Now it is time to list your horses color. Each of the options listed on the form have a drop down submenu of the color patterns that the AMHA recognizes. SELECT ONE COLOR: Yes, I authorize the AMHA to designate the color as represented by photographs submitted. SOLID APPALOOSA DAPPLE PINTO ROAN PINTALOOSA DUN A horse's coat color can change with age, and the AMHA does allow you to correct the color of your horse if needed. If you need to correct the color of your horse, you will need to submit the original certificate and current photos. Selecting a horses color can sometimes be overwhelming. If you do not feel as though you are sure of what color your horse is, please just mark the 'Yes, I authorize the AMHA to designate the color as represented by photographs submitted. Several of our staff members have been identifying coat colors for more than 15 years and would be happy to assist you. On the following pages, we will share some more information and examples regarding the accepted AMHA color patterns.