How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 5

REGISTRATION APPLICATION - SECTION 1 Here we go! Step by step. Let's start with Section 1 of the Registration Application. Section 1 - REGISTRATION APPLICATION - Must be completed in its entirety. Have you picked out the perfect name for your horse? When filling out a Registration Application, we ask for 2 name choices. NAME: Give 2 choices, not to exceed 35 characters, including spaces - punctuation is not allowed. 2nd Choice: 2nd Choice: Yes, I authorize the AMHA to select a name if the above choices are unavailable or objectionable. Registered names cannot exceed 35 characters including spaces, and punctuation is not allowed. Once a horse is named, that is it! You or a future owner cannot rename this horse, so pick carefully! Most AMHA horses carry a farm prefix or farm name at the beginning of their names. This is not required, but does help you build recognition for the breeding program at your farm. If you would like to reserve a farm prefix for your exclusive use, you can apply for a Prefix Reservation. Another common naming option to consider is to include part of the sire or dam's name in the foal's name. Typically it is the sire's name that is used to reflect in the foals he produces. But if a mare's bloodline has a highly respected show horse lineage, or she has produced a show winner previously, you might see her name reflected in the foal's name also. If you would rather have the AMHA select a name for your horse, or have us name the horse if your first two choices are not available, please just mark the box that says 'Yes, I authorize the AMHA to select a name if the above choices are unavailable or objectionable. PLEASE NOTE: If the owner/lessee of the dam at the time of foaling fails to register the foal, the owner/lessee forfeits the right to name the offspring. Looking for more information on how to name your horse? Check out the following resources: What's In a Name? Reprint Article from Miniature Horse World AMHA Studbook Online AMHA Pedigree search database (subscription fee applies)