How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 38

HOW TO MEASURE YOUR HORSE The AMHA is first and foremost a height registry. Accurate measurement of horse's is critical. No horse is eligible for registration with the AMHA if it exceeds 34 inches in height. There are additional height requirements for show purposes that will be discussed later in this article. Before you start to panic, let us explain how AMHA horse's are measured. We are not referring to the horse's height from the ground to the top of their head. It is a little more specific than that. Miniatures are not measured like other pony and horse breeds do at the highest point of the withers. AMHA horses are measured at the last hairs of the mane. If a horse exceeds 34 inches in height it is no longer eligible to be registered with the AMHA. The following is the AMHA Rule Book's instructions on how horse's must be measured: GR-020 HEIGHT VERIFICATION A. No Miniature Horse shall exceed 34 inches in height. Weanlings must not exceed 30 inches. Yearlings must not exceed 32 inches. Two-year-olds must not exceed 33 inches. The show age of the horse is determined from January 1 preceding its birthday. B. Horse’s height must be verified on a hard, level surface, preferably concrete or paved, in a public place, by a show official and witnessed by a member sponsoring the show. No person with horses being shown competing in the show may be a measuring official at the show. The measuring device used to measure the first horse must be used to measure all the horses. A standard measurement stick is a straight, stiff, unbendable stick (metal) that is equipped with a bullseye, plumb bob or a spirit level to make sure that the standard is perpendicular to the ground and that the cross piece or arm is parallel with the ground surface. Make sure that the horse is standing square Front Legs - parallel with the measuring device Rear legs - in a vertical line with the horse's Buttocks Keep measuring stick straight. Measure at the last hairs of the actual mane hair, not the long body hair.