How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 35

FARM PREFIX RESERVATION Want to reserve your farm prefix with the AMHA for your use when naming horses? If so, file a Farm Prefix Reservation form and return it to the AMHA. The filing of such a reservation does not override any rights that another member or nonmember may have to the exclusive use of a prefix, suffix or horse name pursuant to federal trademark or trade name laws or other laws similar thereto including, but not limited to, common law surrounding rights in trademarks and trade names. All of the currently registered prefix's are listed online on our website. To check if a certain prefix is in use or available, please visit our website or call 817-783-5600. You do not have to reserve a prefix in order to register foal's with the AMHA. A prefix merely links the foals you produce to your farm name. There is a one time fee of $150.00 to reserve your farm prefix. Once you have submitted your application and fee, the request is reviewed to ensure that it is not already in use. From there is it published in the Miniature Horse World magazine where 60 days later it will be reviewed by the Board. Once approved, you have the exclusive right to use the name when registering your foals with the AMHA. Be specific when reserving a prefix. The AMHA will only reserve EXACTLY the prefix you have listed. For example Pegasus Fields is a different prefix than Pegasus Farms. Reserving a farm prefix does not have any impact on any other name except for horse names. Also keep in mind that AMHA registered horse names are limited to 35 characters. The longer your prefix name, the less room you will have available for the remainder of the horse name. For more on this subject please read the following reprint from Miniature Horse World magazine. What's In a Name? Reprint Article from Miniature Horse World