How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 33

BREEDER/SERVICE CERTIFICATE The Breeder/Service Certificate will eventually be submitted with each resulting foal's Registration Application. This form should be generated by the Stallion owner and provided to the mare owner. If you breed your mare to a stallion and this form is not provided to you, be sure to ask for it! You WILL need it! It is much easier to acquire at the time of breeding. Many a frustrating foal registration starts with "I didn't get a Breeder/Service Certificate." It is as much the responsibility of the mare owner as it is the stallion owner, to be sure that you receive this. TIP An AMHA Breeder/Service Certificate should not be submitted to the AMHA until it accompanies a resulting foal Registration Application. For the Stallion Owners convenience, 3 Breeder/Service Certificates print on a page. An individual Breeder/ Service Certificate will look like this: Now....hurry up and wait! You have approximately 325 days until the resulting foal will appear. Do you know what that means? Put this form in a very safe and secure location because chances are 325 plus days from now you will have NO idea what you did with it.