How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 30

GELDING VERIFICATION Hurray! A form you can send that does not require pictures or money. Once a horse is gelded, please submit a gelding verification form. The AMHA tracks the status of all current breeding stallions and once a horse is gelded, they are removed from that list. Also, geldings are eligible to participate in several programs within the AMHA. The form is straight forward and can be filled out by the current or previous owner or a veterinarian. PLEASE NOTE: The form may be signed by a current or previous owner and/or your veterinarian. This is to notify the AMHA that the following horse, has been gelded. Registered Name: AMHA Reg. #: Was gelded on: (M/D/Y) To complete this process, please submit the following to the AMHA: Name: Address: Completed Form City: State: Zip: X:___________________________________________________________ Signature Date: Original Registration Certificate Once your gelding verification form and certificate are received, we will process the status change on your horse and return your papers. There is NO fee for this transaction and current photos are not required. DID YOU KNOW? Geldings are eligible to participate in several programs within the AMHA. To learn more about how your gelding can earn money in the show ring, please visit our website to learn more about: GELDING INCENTIVE FUND ULTIMATE GELDING AWARDS