How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 29

DNA TESTING Continued Request for DNA Sampling Kit The American Miniature Horse Association, Inc. 5601 S Interstate 35 W, Alvarado, TX 76009 (817)783-5600 Please complete the following to request DNA Sampling Kits for any American Miniature Horse. If you request a DNA Sampling Kit, a report with your horse's genetic markers will be processed by the lab and a copy sent to you. If you are wanting to prove the pedigree of your horse, please request a Parent Qualification for your horse. To do so, both its sire and dam must have been previously DNA tested. You must must order and complete a DNA Sampling Kit on your horse according to the specifications below. *PLEASE NOTE: If you select to have your horse Parent Qualified and the resulting report excludes either parent on the registration form, you papers will be voided until the correct parents are located. If you have any questions regarding Parent Qualification or would like to see if your horse's sire or dam have been tested, please contact us at 817.783.5600 or Select one of the following options, and then provide the necessary information: The horse is registered The horse is not registered Provide registration numbers & registered named below Include applicable fee of $41 (US) per horse. Submit an Application for Registration Submit current photographs (4) Include applicable fees - applicable registration fee and DNA kit fee of $41 (US) Registration Number Registered Name of Horse Select DNA Kit or Parent Qualified X:______________________________________________ Please send me my DNA Sampling Kit via: (Signature of Recorded Owner) Email: Recorded Owner: Fax: Address: Mail: City: State: Country: Phone: Email: Zip: Please note if you would like your kit delivered to an address different than that of the recorded owner, please fill out the following: Send To: Address: City: State: Country: Phone: Zip: