How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 28

DNA TESTING All horses registered with the AMHA after 1996, must undergo DNA testing. Before you panic and try to find a geneticist or call your veterinarian, read over the following steps and information. This is literally as easy as pulling hair. You may either request a DNA Sampling Kit or Parentage Qualification for your horse. A DNA Sampling Kit MUST BE completed before a Parentage Qualification test can be run. An example of the DNA Sampling Kit is on the following page. So what's the difference betwen DNA Testing and Parent Qualification? TEST WHAT YOU RECEIVE FROM AMHA HOW TO - A form with your horse's name on it that you need to - Pull approximately 50 hairs from the sign and return to AMHA. mane. This number helps ensure that roots are available for testing by the lab. - A form to send to the lab DNA with a horse hair sample - Tape the samples to the lab form and SAMPLING KIT attached. send in envelope provided to the lab. - You can request to receive - Be sure that you return the AMHA these forms via mail, e-mail form to us. or fax. FINAL RESULTS YOU WILL RECEIVE - A report with your horse's genetic markers will be processed by the lab. The results are returned to the AMHA, and will then be sent on to you. PLEASE NOTE: Unless you happen to be a geneticist, these results will not mean a thing to you. They will be the identifying markers of the horse. Did you get your DNA test results back and want to rip your own hair out? Doesn't make much sense to you does it? Don't worry, it does to us. However, if you would like to go one step further and Parent Qualify your horse, we promise to send you a report that you can understand and will verify the pedigree's authenticity on your Registration Certificate. PLEASE NOTE: If you select to have your horse Parent Qualified and the resulting report excludes either parent on the registration form, you papers will be voided until the correct parents are located. TEST STEP 1 - Verify that both the sire and dam of your horse have DNA test results on file with the AMHA. The PARENT QUALIFICATION easiest way to do this is to call us at 817.783.5600 or e-mail STEP 2 - Submit a Request for DNA Sampling. This test can be done at the same time as the initial DNA report that is generated for your horse or performed at a later date. Please note that Parent Qualification is not required unless you are notified by the Registration Department. . FINAL RESULTS YOU WILL RECEIVE - A report that proves who the sire and dam of your horse are. - The opportunity to request a new Registration Certificate. This certificate is blue and indicates that the horse has been Parent Qualified. DNA testing can prove the genetic makeup and parentage of your horse. Additional testing is availabl