How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 27

HELP! I LOST MY CERTIFICATE! Don't panic! Now that you have turned your house and barn upside down looking for the missing certificate, we can help. In order to apply for a Duplicate Certificate, you must complete an Affidavit for Lost/Destroyed Certificate and submit along with new photos and the required fees. As if you needed one more reason to keep your horses registration status current and up to date! If you lose a certificate and find yourself needing to apply for a Duplicate, things will go much smoother if you are the recorded owner of the horse. If you are yet not listed as the recorded owner, you will have to go back to the person you acquired the horse from and they will have to sign the Affidavit for Lost/ Destroyed Certificate and a Transfer Form. If you think this form seems stern, it is. This form serves to protect all AMHA horse owners from those who may try to provide papers to unregistered horses. The following information must be completed and submitted to the AMHA before a Duplicate Certificate is generated: Completed Affidavit for Lost/Destroyed Certificate (see below for example) Example of an Affidavit for Lost/Destroyed Certifcate Current Photographs Applicable Duplicate Fee of $20.00 (US) Taking the horse Permanent at the same time? If status change to Permanent is being processed (horse must be 36 months of age), the duplicate fee does not apply. The fee for Permanent Status does apply and a height certification must be completed.