How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 26

TEMPORARY TO PERMANENT REGISTRATION Any horse registered with the AMHA as a foal, is given temporary status until the age of 36 months. Once a horse has reached the age of 36 months or older and does not measure over 34" in height, it is eligible for permanent registration. If at any time, the horse measures more than 34" in height it is not eligible for permanent registration and its registration is voided. Once a horse is eligible to go permanent, this must be completed before any resulting foals can be registered. A horse whose registration is not taken permanent after the age of 42 months (there is a six month grace period), is considered revoked by the AMHA. In order for that horse to be reinstated, it must be brought permanent. Additional fees apply after 42 months, so it is best to ensure that you keep your horses' registration status current. PLEASE NOTE: Once a horse is revoked, it is in INELIGIBLE to show. Also, a request for Temporary to Permanent Registration will not be processed until the physical third birthday of the horse. FEES MARE GELDING STALLION 36 - 42 months $25.00 $10.00 $60.00 Once Revoked $50.00 $20.00 $120.00 To complete an application for temporary to permanent registration status, you must complete the following: If a horse has reached the age of 36 months and does not measure over 34" in height, it is eligible for permanent registration. To apply for permanent registration, please complete this application and the following steps: Submit completed permanent registration application & fees Submit original temporary registration certificate. (Please note if the temporary certificate is lost or destroyed you must request a duplicate.) Submit 4 current color photographs according to AMHA requirements. I hereby certify that following horse was measured according to AMHA regulations and found to not measure more than 34" in height. I further certify that to the best of my knowledge the horse is 36 months or older. In signing this statement I accept responsibility for the information submitted and understand any misrepresentation on my part will render this certificate null and void and will be subject to penalty and or suspension as prescribed by the AMHA Rules and Regulations. Registered Name of Horse: Reg. #: Date: Height: X:______________________________________________ (Signature of Owner) This information must be filled in and submitted with the original signature of the horse owner(s) on record. Once the status is updated, you will receive a new certificate that is brown or blue rather than the original temporary certificate. PLEASE NOTE: The AMHA does NOT return Temporary Certificates.