How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 23

Transfer Report and/or Bill of Sale Height Certification The American Miniature Horse Association, Inc. 5601 S Interstate 35 W, Alvarado, TX 76009 (817)783-5600 * Check the color and markings of the horse against the description on the Registration Certificate. * Submit the following to the AMHA: Completed Transfer Report Original Registration Certificate Fees for Transfer - see Current Work Order Form Current Photographs (4) Date Transferred (Month, Day, Year of actual ownership change): Registered Name of Horse: Height at time of sale: Reg. #: Date Measured (M/D/Y): Buyer's Name: Phone #: Address: City: Country: State: Zip: State: Zip: Email: Seller's Name: Phone #: Address: City: Country: Email: SELLER(S) certify that the above-named horse was transferred directly to BUYER(S) and is the same horse as described on the attached original AMHA certificate of Registration. BUYER(S) and SELLER(S) certify that the above-named horse was measured on the above date and that the height of the horse is correct as stated. * ALL signatures required if joint ownership. X:_____________________________________________________ X:_____________________________________________________ _ _ Signature of seller * Signature of buyer X:_____________________________________________________ _ Signature of seller SHOW HEIGHT LIMITATIONS PLEASE NOTE: The following measurements are for SHOW purposes only. As stated in AMHA's Official Show Rules, the following height limitations are in effect for the purpose of participating in a recognized/approved AMHA Show: Weanlings Yearlings Two-Year-Olds Must Not Exceed 30 inches Must Not Exceed 32 inches Must Not Exceed 33 inches X:_____________________________________________________ _ Signature of buyer HOW TO MEASURE A MINIATURE HORSE PHOTOGRAPHS Please refer to ourPhoto Submission Form for automatic sizing and submission information. All transfers and Temp to Perm transactions MUST BE accompanied by AT LEAST FOUR (4) CURRENT color photographs showing all markings. The horse's image should not be bigger than 3x3 and be 80% of the photograph. Left Side Headshot 1 Right Side Headshot 2 Head shots must be of the head facing the camera WITH THE FORELOCK PULLED COMPLETELY ASIDE SO THE ENTIRE FLAT OF THE FACE IS CLEARLY VISIBLE. And side shots must show the entire horse from ears to hooves. Return Via Certified Mail (US only) $5.00 fee applies