How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 22

BUYER BEWARE continued... What does a blue certificate mean? Some of our horses are parent qualified. What that means is the sire, dam and foal have all three been DNA tested and the foal's hair was compared to the sire and dam at the lab. Voila! The parentage on the foal is proven, and a blue certificate is issued. This is most valuable as now you KNOW the horse you are buying is truly the horse represented on the pedigree. Many times a breeder will sell a foal or young horse on application. What this means is the horse is not registered; he may be eligible for registration, but no information has been verified and there are over twenty checks that are completed on each application, so many things might stop the application, many of them expensive! RED FLAGS TO WATCH FOR: The person listed on the back of the horse's certificate is not who you are buying the horse from. You cannot skip transfers; the seller must first transfer the horse to himself, then transfer the horse to you. You can however send in two transfers at the same time, as long as both are completely filled out and paid for. The foaling date on the application shows the horse is over a year old. Typically, the longer a person waits to register the horse, the more complicated it becomes. The name of the breeder on the application is not the person who is selling you the horse. (in essence, the person selling you the horse, never officially owned it) If any of this scenarios sound familiar you may hit quite a few snags when you send your paperwork in. But all is not lost. As long as the seller is willing to work with you, and will provide the information you'll need, you can still register that baby and be well on your way to a wonderful relationship with the AMHA. If you are purchasing a horse and have any questions regarding its current status with the AMHA, do not hesitate to call us. If you have the name or registration number of the horse, we can help you verify information.