How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 20

WHAT NEXT? Once you have completed the Registration Application form and have your four current photographs ready to submit, send them to us and we'll take it from here! A list of current fees can be found on the AMHA Work Order form and please be sure to submit full payment in US dollars. Applications will not be processed until paid for in full. When your papers are received in the AMHA office, here is what happens: Papers received and processed by shipping & handling department. Membership verified and payment processed by accounting department. Application stored in order received to be worked by the Registration Department. Expedited paperwork is pulled and processed first. Application information entered into AMHA database. Application and photos checked for accuracy. If need be, missing items or errors are addressed with owner via email or mail. DNA testing performed if need be. Once verified, a certificate is issued and printed and the photos attached. Horse ownership information and AMHA Official seal affixed to papers. Completed certificate scanned into the AMHA database. Completed certificate mailed back to applicant. Congratulations! You now have an AMHA Registered horse! PLEASE NOTE: Once received, the average turnaround time on applications varies greatly. An accurate and fully completed application on average will take 14 - 21 days to be returned. Throughout the year, certain high volume periods do occur, and will increase the turnaround times.