How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 19

PHOTO SUBMISSION * All applications, transfers, and Temp to Perm transactions MUST BE accompanied by AT LEAST FOUR (4) CURRENT color photographs showing all markings. * Photos must be no larger than 3 x 3 inches with the horse's image being 80% of the photograph. * The four photographs must be as follows: Left side Right side Headshot 1 Headshot 2 * The head shots must be of the head facing the camera WITH THE FORELOCK PULLED COMPLETELY ASIDE SO THE ENTIRE FLAT OF THE FACE IS CLEARLY VISIBLE. * The side shots must show the entire horse from ears to hooves. * A Temporary Certificate will be issued until the horse reaches 36 months of age. If the horse is thirty-four (34") or under and 36 months of age, a Permanent Certificate will be issued after certification of height by the