How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 16

LEG & FACE MARKINGS Now that you have identified the color of your horse, it is time to note any white leg or face markings that make it unique. This is just one more way that helps identify your horse throughout its life. PLEASE NOTE: If your horse is a Pinto or a Pintaloosa, the AMHA does not record the leg or facial markings. We use the body white on those horses to identify them. If your horse is Pinto or Pintaloosa, you can skip this step. Here are some diagrams that show the most commonly identified leg and face markings: LEG MARKINGS Right Front Right Hind Left Front A space is provided on the Registration Application for you to identify any unique leg markings on each leg. If your horse does not have any leg white to identify, just leave this section blank. Left Hind HEAD MARKINGS Head markings refers to the white coloring on a horse's face. There are various unique markings that are commonly seen in horses which vary from a few white hairs to a full bald face. Please identify any head markings your horse may have in this section. Mane & Tail Color: This space is for you to write in the mane and tail color of your horse if you so choose. Many times the coat color dictates the color of the horses' mane and tail, but it can be the same or different color than the body. It can also be mixed colors. Don't forget - if you have any questions regarding your horse's markings or how to properly identify them, we are here to help! Just call 817.783.5600 or email Once we see photos of your horse we can guide you through this process.