How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 15

COAT COLORS CONTINUED GREY Usually born a darker color and gradually turn white with age. DUN Duns have a dorsal line back and usually zebra markings at the knees and hocks. SILVER BAY Chestnut or Sorrel with a silver or white mane and tail and black points. SILVER DAPPLE Body color ranges from light milk chocolate to almost black with silver dapples. Mane & tail usually flaxen. CHAMPAGNE Pinkish or light brown skin with dark freckles. Either bright blue, hazel or amber eyes. Skin around eyes and muzzle is pinkish with dark freckles. ROAN May be red, blue, black or bay base body color with about 50 percent white hairs intermingled with much darker points. Shown here is a blue roan. APPALOOSA Solid colored skin with leopard like spots. Spots can be various colors. PINTO Must have at least 2 square inches of white somewhere on body. Can be any base color. PINTALOOSA Has the characteristic spotting of both the Pinto and the Appaloosa. There are hundreds of color choices that Miniature Horses come in and many change color throughout their lives. If you do not feel secure with your choice of color, you can always check the box to allow the AMHA to select the color for you. We are here to help! Yes, I authorize the AMHA to designate the color as represented by photographs submitted.