How To Register Your American Miniature Horse from the AMHA - Page 14

COAT COLORS Solid colored horses are just that - solid colored. They have one body color aside from leg or face markings that will be discussed later in this guide. The AMHA also recognizes horses with color patterns such as pinto, appaloosa and pintaloosa's. Each of these colors have variations which are also available for notation on registration forms. If you would like help identifying your horse's color, please contact us at 817.783.5600 or email us. PLEASE NOTE: The photos and descriptions below do not represent all of the colors recognized by the AMHA. These are the most commonly used color descriptions: BAY Chestnut or Sorrel with black mane and tail and black points. BLACK Black with black hooves and skin; points are always black. BROWN Sometimes difficult to distinguish from black or dark bay but flank and muzzle usually lighter. SORREL Reddish or copper red. Mane and tail usually the same color but may be flaxen. CHESTNUT Dark mahogany red, or dark reddish brown. Mane and tail usually the same color but may be flaxen. CREMELLO Creamish body and points with pink skin. Must have blue eyes. PERLINO Creamish body with very slightly darker points. Must have blue eyes. BUCKSKIN Tannish to yellow body color with black mane and tail and lower legs. GRULLO Smooth greyish blue color like a mouse. Not a blue roan. Typically has a black mane and tail and black lower legs. PALOMINO Light yellow to bright gold. Must have a white mane and tail.