Houston vs. Jaguars Game 6 Oct 21st Texans_Digital - Page 81

“I believe that you have to rally, meaning that the people that are coming in there, [they have to] support them, help them, get them in the situation,” Marrone said. “Level of awareness steps up. Everything kind of steps up a little bit. Getting those guys in there and truly being excited about it and truly wanting to go out there and be able to perform with the players that are on the fi eld. “Make something happen rather than to say, ‘Well, we’re in trouble because of this or we’re in trouble because of that.’ Once you start thinking like that, you are never going to be able to fi ght your way out of it. Right now, we’re trying to fi ght our way.” Point being, this offense is absolutely banged up right now. Does it matter though? No, because the show must go on. For this team to get back on track, they need players – no matter who they are or where they started the season on the depth chart – to play at a high level on offense. It is an offense that must start fast and open an early lead to let the defense go to work. The Jaguars offense has proven that they can do that: Look at the earlier wins over the Patriots and Jets. The offense played at a high level both days with certain starting players missing the games, and the Jaguars won. It needs to trend back in that direction on offense and it needs to happen quickly. Defense The Dallas Cowboys offense did pretty much whatever it wanted last week against the Jaguars defense. They ran for over 200 yards as a team, they scored on every offensive possession in the fi rst half and cashed in second-half turnovers for scores on short fi elds. An offense that averaged under 17 points a game entering the game left with 40 on the board, the fi rst 24 of those in the fi rst half when the game was still young. Even after that performance, the Jaguars defense still ranks second in the league in total defense and No. 1 against the pass. They slipped to No. 22 against the run. Marrone chalked up some of the issues from a week ago to miscommunication. “There is a point as a coach where you can give someone too much information,” Marrone said in his Monday press conference. “Those guys that go out there and play, you want to be able to say, ‘Here is your read, here is your key, go play.’ When you start saying ‘Here is your read, here is your key, but if they do this, watch this or do this and watch that and that,’ that is going to slow down a player. “That comes back to us again, starting with me, doing a better job of making sure we do not have that. We’re good when we line up and just say, ‘Here is your key, go play. Here is the play. Do your job. Go.’ Then there is a point. The other thing you have to look out for is people trying to do too much. You appreciate that, but you wind up getting yourself out of position at times when you’re trying to do too much.” This Jaguars defense has eight players with Pro Bowl experience and multiple All-Pro selections. True, they have not had the disruptive totals from a year ago – the takeaways and sacks. But this should still be a good enough defense to win football games more weeks than not, and it should improve as the season goes on. Special Teams Injuries have hit here as well. Long snapper Carson Tinker and punt returner Jaydon Mickens have been placed on the reserve/injured list. Matt Overton returned to the Jaguars last week as long snapper while Dede Westbrook could be a leading candidate for the punt return role.