Houston Medical Journal June 2017 - Page 26

Page 26 Medical Journal - Houston June 2017 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MOVING ON UP continued from page 10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  With nearly 20 years of experience in brand management and strategic planning, Burnett has launched comprehensive marketing programs, designed communication initiatives, and impacted global brands such as OSI Restaurant Partners, Inc. (Outback Steakhouse), Yum! Brands (KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut), IKEA, Igloo Products Corp., Rice University and SYSCO Foods, among others.   Burnett earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising from the University of Texas at Austin and a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) degree from Rice University. Modern Healthcare honors Memorial Hermann’s Chief Operating Officer   Charles “Chuck” D. Stokes, Memorial Hermann Health System’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, was named among the Top 25 COO’s in medicine by Modern Healthcare, a list which recognizes high-achieving leaders across the healthcare sector and the increasingly demanding roles they play.   Judges scored nominees on the scope of duties within their organizations; strategic execution; synergies and collaboration across multiple departments and programs within the organization as well as in the community; ability to establish a culture of innovation and transformation; organizational improvement in patient experience; and staff satisfaction during the COO’s tenure.    Stokes joined Memorial Hermann as COO in 2008 with extensive experience in building physician relationships, service line development, quality and patient safety improvement, leadership development, and employee engagement. In addition to his role at Memorial Hermann, Stokes was recently appointed Chairman of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), an organization of more than 48,000 healthcare executives working together to improve care delivery and population health.   Stokes has been credited with helping lead Memorial Hermann on its journey toward becoming a high-reliability organization, reducing the patient population’s average length of stay, and forming one of the most successful affordable care organizations in the nation. His leadership was also instrumental in helping Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital recently earn the coveted 2016 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the nation’s highest Presidential honor for performance excellence. In conjunction with National Nurses Week, 20 Memorial Hermann Nurses honored among Houston’s Top Nurses of the Year A total of 20 nurses across Memorial Hermann earned recognition among the best in their profession in the region, including Melissa Evans, RN, at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, who was named one of Houston’s Top 10 Nurses of the Year by the Houston Chronicle. Additionally, 19 other Mem ܚX[\X[\\XܛH\[H\HYHۚXx&\ݙ\[ ML8'[]H“\\'H M\ XXX^H\[][ۘ[\\YZ¸$X[Yۜ]H\^HYZ›وܙ[HY[[KH[\ق[\\[8$H\ۈۚXBۛܜHH\\^H[[]\[˜\HH\ۈ[][]H]]˜[X[8'[]H\\'H\ [Y›و\\\HZ[]YHH\ۂ[][]H[Z[Y\\H[[XYHH[[ HHٙXX[Z[Y\[][[\[ٙ\[ۘ[\B[HۛܙY\ܙX]\\۸&\• L\\وHYX\][š[Y[[&\“Y[[ܚX[\X[][[ L\H\H[BYX]X[[]H\H[] PJK\˜[[\]]X\Y]\][ۜ\[B\XݙH[^[ۙ[X][\]Y[[Z\[Z[Y\]H][\H\[H[YX[[Y\˰[[YY[[ۙ\YX\&\ MLH\YY\H\[[ڙXYZ]\܈[][]HY[[X[\X\܈Y[[[[[ ͍Z[[ۈ[H\Y܈ۜX[ۈ[\Z\]]H][[\[]Y[Y[[X[X[]Y\ˈY\]ܜ[\[ܙX\HB[X\وݚY\]Z[XHX]^[]X[H\H\Y\ˈX[Y[ZX[\[[H[[ܜ[H[YXH܈YX][ۘ[[\^[Y[\\[H\\Z][ܘ[X[ٙ\[ۘ[\[H\HYH[\^[Y[ܘ[H܈Y[[X[ٙ\[ۘ[ˈH[YXH܈[[X[\\[K]\\H[Y[[Z[YH[][ۜ˂[Y\وHY]X\[ۜ[[KH^\\\Y[و[\[BHHY]܈YYX[\[ H\ۈ[Y\[BXYHX\Hوܝ\\YYX[[\[XYو\\Z\[“YYX[[\][[\\XKB۝[YYHYH [\܈\Y[\X^H M\YB[\H][XY[\\XH]Y'H[[\YܙY[Y[X]Z\H\\ۈ\XH]['K[Xۚ^Y ]\[[YYX][B'[]H\\'H\\N(H[ۈH^X[Y[[ܚX[\X[Y[[ܚX[]HYYX[[\[\YYX]H\H[](H][H[^K[[&\Y[[ܚX[\X[][ [ۘ][[[]B\H[](HY\ Y[[ܚX[\X[]B][ [Y\[H[\(HY]H[]ۋY[&\Y[[ܚX[\X[]Y[[ܚX[\X[B[][ X܈ []\B(H\X[[ۋTY[[ܚX[\X[]Y[\H[](HXYH^Y\Y[[ܚX[\X[H[][ [Y\[B[\(HXH][Y[[ܚX[\X[]\][ [[]H\B[](HXY[BY]Z[[Y[[ܚX[\X[Z\\]\Y[B[]]H]H^\YYX[[\]\[[]H\H[](H[YHZ] Y[[ܚX[\X[B[][ [B(H]ZY]]\Y[KY[&\Y[[ܚX[\X[]Y[[ܚX[\X[Y[[ܚX[]HYYX[[\X܂[]\B(HܘZXY[KTY[[ܚX[\X[]Y[\H[](H[Y[HY[[ܚX[\X[YYX[ܛ\ \XX[]Y\ܙYZ¸(H[Y[[] Y[[ܚX[\X[Y[[ܚX[]HYYX[[\[Y\[H[\(HH[[ Y[&\Y[[ܚX[\X[]Y[[ܚX[\X[B[][ X܈ []\B(HXH\\KY[[ܚX[\X[]\][ [[]H\B[](H[ؚXB[\[ [[&\“Y[[ܚX[\X[][ [ۘ][[[]H\H[](HX^H\Y[[ܚX[\X[X\ \[\[]]KU^\“YYX[[\(HۛH۞[^Y[[ܚX[\X[ܝX\][ [\YYX]H\B[](H[[H\[ Y[[ܚX[\X[Y\[][ YYX[\X[[] X\\ Y]܂Z[Hޝ[X[BZ[PZ]˘BY\\[\X܂\H\^B\PZ]˘B\[\X[Y\\[][ۂH\^BPZ]˘BX[Y[Y]܂XH[[™Y]ܚX[Z]˘BX[^X]]\[^H\B[^PZ]˘BۙB KMNK LB˛Z]˘B YYX[\[B\ۂ\X\Y[۝HH[\\\[ˈ[\HY]ܚX[۝[ق\œXX][ۂ\YYH[\\\[ˈ[]\H\XYH܈[\]]XX[\Z\[ۋBYYX[\ۂ[\[\[YBœ\ۜX[]H܂X[\ܚ\ˈ[]\[ܜ\ۙ[B[X]Y[“YYX[\[ H\ۈ\BۜY\Y\HوYYX[\[ H\ۈ[\B[ۙ][ۘ[H\YۙY][]H[ܙH]]ܚ]H[H[ܘHB^\[Y[[X[\]H]]^[]\\[ۋ܈^[\K[HX]YH[YK[\\و[Y]›܈ݚY\X\\Y[ۙH]B\X[X[ۙ][ۈX\XX]\›܈ۙ\]HX\Z[\K܈XX][ۈ[\YY][][^\\HX]X\˜[[ܚ]Y\ˈ[]X\H^\“Y\]\H[[ۜ]Y][Z]Y[XZ[^\HX[Y\XH]B[ܚˈوHY\\\[\[ۂ[Y[[[XۚXY\ˈ[XZ[YPZ]˘BYYX[\[ H\ۈ\[B[\[Y[YY\\][\™H\[YZ[\\˂YYX[\[H\ۈ\\\HYY\H[HY\\[ˈۛBXX][ۈو[Y\\[Y[[ۜ]]H[[X\[Bܙ\Xܚ\[ۜ\H H\YX\Xܚ\[ۈ[ܛX][ۂ܈[\Y\\܂^\[Xܚ\[ۜ[B܈XZ[YHY\[˂ ˈ X[ۋ^\LKL