Houston Medical Journal June 2017 - Page 20

Medical Journal - Houston June 2017 HOSPITAL HEADLINES Houston . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Institutional Property Advisors (IPA), a division of Marcus & Millichap specializing in serving institutional and major private real estate investors, announced the $58 million sale of a portfolio of fully- leased medical office properties outside of Houston, Texas: Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital and Physicians Pavilion in Sugar Land; and UT Physicians facilities in Sugar Land and Richmond. Clinic practice and assigned interest in two outpatient clinics – at 15035 Southwest Freeway in Sugar Land and 1517 Thompson Road in Richmond – to UT Physicians, a subsidiary of University of Texas Health. Also that year, Memorial Hermann entered into a development agreement with the seller to build what would become Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital, located at 16902 Southwest Freeway in Sugar Land, and the adjacent Physicians Pavilion. Page 20 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   lab tests – in a smaller, more efficient footprint, with shorter waiting times and continued from page 9 convenient parking, closer to patients’ neighborhoods and homes. These new facilities will expand the already well- Emerus Holdings Inc., the nation’s first and established Memorial Hermann emergency largest operator of micro-hospitals, entered care network to 19 locations including acute into an agreement to establish a new joint care hospitals, Convenient Care Centers venture partnership recently with Memorial and a free-standing emergency room in Hermann Health System, the largest not- The Woodlands. Once integrated, these for-profit health system in Southeast Texas. hospitals will feature: Through this partnership, the Emerus   facilities in Tomball and Sugar Land will • Access to the broader Memorial be contributed into the new venture and Hermann network — allowing for operate under the Memorial Hermann care coordination, consultation and name. As part of the transaction, the seamless transition across the care partnership will also have the option to open continuum; additional healthcare facilities in the future, • Inpatient bed capacity — allowing significantly improving access to high- patients to stay closer to home when quality care in communities throughout the lower level admissions/recoveries are Greater Houston area. The transaction, needed; which is subject to closing conditions, is • Primary care physicians, diagnostic expected to close in the summer of 2017. imaging and laboratory services on site;   and “By partnering with such a trusted health • Access to care 24 hours a day, seven system, our patients know they will receive days a week. premier medical care from affiliated doctors   and staff who are all held to Memorial Each facility will be staffed by board- Hermann’s high standards,” said Craig certified physicians, experienced nurses, Goguen, CEO of Emerus. “We could and other clinical specialists dedicated to not be more pleased, as this agreement providing the same level of compassionate, continues the momentum we’ve established patient-centered care found t ɽ՝)́ͥѹȁѼ5ɥ!ɵ!ѠMѕ)Ѡѕ́ɽ́ѡѥt+ )%ѥѥAɽ٥ͽ)UՕ䁑ɕЁɽɝЁɔ̰)́ѥ́ɽ٥ɝ䁉ɽ̀ͅ)ѕ́ݥѠѥ͕٥́Ս́љ)ɥ䁍ɔѥ)MЁ9ɝ1͕)ɕѽ́ݥѠ%ѥѥAɽ)٥ͽ̀%A!ѡɔɽɕ)ѡȰȁTLՉͥ)չ́Ʌѕ٥͕Ȱٕɕ)5Aɽѥ̰ɕɕ͕ѕѡ)͕Ȱѹ͡Ցͥ)ᕍѥٕ́ɕ٥ͱ䁅ѕݥѠ)I )Ё QM)Ё٥ɕͥЁɥЁȰ)%AéɽȁɕɐQ̸+q́ѡ́ɅͅѥɅѕ̰)ͽѥѡѡɔ)ѥՕ́Ѽɕєչѥ́ȁ)͕́tͅ9ɝq=)ձхѥٔɽѠɔ)ѥ͔ݕ́Ѽɽ)ͥݹ̰ݡ͔Ʌѥ)եɕ䁄Ѡѕ᥵锁ѡ)مՔѡչɱ她ɕхєt)%Ȱ5ɥ!ɵѡɝ)ɽЁѡɔѕQ̰)եɕѡI ))AɥȁѼхѡљѼɭаѡ)%A!ѡɔѕ݅́Ѽ٥͔)ݹ͡ѡѥѥ܀)啅ȁ͔ݥѠ5ɥ!ɵMɝ)!х́ѹȰUѕMɝ)Aѹ́%ѕɹѥUMA$́ݕ)܁ٔ啅ȁ͕́ݥѠUPAͥ)ЁѡѥЁѥ̸ ɔѡ͔)ѥѥ͔́ѕ̰ͥѡ)ɝх́ѡٔ啅́)͔ѕɴɕѡUPAͥ)͕́ݕɔɽɅѥ+qQɅͥѥѕ䁙ɽɥمє)ѡɅѥѼɽхѠ)ѕɕѕͥЁɕ)ЁѡЁɕ͕ѡمՔ)ѡљtͅ1q=ȁѕe)ٽٕЁѡѥѥ́)͕́ѥѕѡ͡е͔ѕɴɽٕ)ɥͬt