Houston Dentistry Volume 1 Issue 3 The Texas Center for Occlusal Studies - Page 13

C2O Therapy Physical therapy of Gregg’s TMJ was initiated with Condylar Centering Orthotic (C2O) therapy. This is a maxillary hard acrylic orthotic that creates a biologic anterior proprioceptive guiding environment in the stomatognathic system. It was regularly and methodically adjusted on a weekly basis utilizing dead soft shims. The condylar repositioning was tracked with a MCD Instrument (ad2usa.com) to verify complete seating of the condyles. When the C2O therapy was completed and verification of the seated condyles was made, a hinge-axis recording was taken along with a final centric open bite. This allowed for accurate vertical dimension restoration of the occlusion. A final DX wax-up was completed with excellent centric stops and anterior guidance. Treatment By utilizing adhesive composite rejuvenation techniques as taught by the faculty at The Texas Center for Occlusal Studies, the wax up was predictably and carefully duplicated in the mouth to within 10 microns of accuracy creating a harmonious anterior proprioceptive guided chewing system at the improved vertical dimension of occlusion. The composite used was G-aenial Universal Flow (GC America). This is a unique highly filled nanohybrid flowable composite with excellent wear resistance and polishability. Minimally Invasive Preservation of natural tooth structure is critically important and every clinician should consider this when creating any treatment plan whether it is for one tooth or for full mouth rehabilitation, as is the case here. One of the most outstanding features of this type of treatment is that, with the exception of three old crowns and his lower right bridge needing replacement, Gregg’s mouth was restored with absolutely no tooth structure being ground down or permanently altered. Dr. Stewart has been rejuvenating mouths in this manner since 2001, and he has many cases that are still going strong with little to no maintenance required over the years.This is one of the features of the BioRejuvenation Dentistry treatment that Gregg, and many other patients, find so appealing. Results The final results are not only functional but extremely esthetic. Note the changes not only in the teeth themselves but in the face and eyes of the patient. By restoring the occlusion to a stable condylar position in centric relation and at a restored vertical dimension, not only do the teeth look great but the facial muscles as well as the muscles of mastication are relaxed and functioning harmoniously with one another. The occlusion is ideal so the pressure on the teeth is minimal resulting in long-term stability and esthetics. Gregg feels great and he loves the way his smile and entire face have been transformed. This is typical of the results that we see at The Texas Center. Equally as important is that this result was accomplished while preserving 100% of Gregg’s natural tooth structure and at a fraction of the cost of a full mouth case with all crowns. The Texas Center for Occlusal Studies 6011 Morriss Road, Flower Mound, Texas 75028 (855) 539-4040 www.TXCOS.com www.houstondentistrymagazine.com | HOUSTON DENTISTRY 13