Houston Dentistry Volume 1 Issue 3 The Texas Center for Occlusal Studies - Page 10

Nate had severe parafunctional habits in the presence of an acidic environment. He sought treatment after he fractured a premolar and required a dental implant. patient cases under the mentorship of our instructors. Residents will learn exponentially as they observe the diagnosis and restoration of 10-20 peer cases. The course consists of six sessions every other month over the course of 12 months. Our intimate learning environment (class size averages 10-12 students) fosters one-on-one interaction between residents and instructors. A unique distinction of the TXCOS program versus other programs is that each doctor personally rejuvenates one or two full cases during the course and presents, to the other residents in the course, each case as it progresses.” Rejuvenating Dental Practices The Center’s residency program is breathing new life into dentists and their practices. Dr. Stewart explains, “Many of the dentists who have come to the residency program have been through other training programs, but tell us that they are still looking for that ‘missing piece’ that will allow them to practice dentistry the way they’ve always imagined. Some of them are seeking a way to diversify treatment and find renewed enjoyment and satisfaction in their profession. Many of them tell us that they are looking for a way to free their practices from the insurance stranglehold. While an in-depth residency program is not for everyone, the unique instructional focus provides a path to life-changing dentistry for patients, dentists and staff. The Texas Center’s unique approach to dentistry helps doctors become ‘physicians of the mouth’.” Dr. Herre makes this observation: “The residency program requires a financial investment in the future and a substantial commitment of time, but for the right person, it opens a new world. It enables them to change their patients’ lives in a way never before possible. It enables them to access a new income stream with their existing patients and recession-proof an established practice. The program 10 HOUSTON DENTISTRY | www.houstondentistrymagazine.com The Center’s intimate learning environment fosters one-on-one interaction between students and instructors. is geared towards dentists who want to take a big step, slow down and change the way they practice dentistry day to day.” The Texas Center for Occlusal Studies is located at 6011 Morriss Road in Flower Mound. 2017 One Year Occlusion Residency *This training is divided into 6 sessions spread over a one-year period. January 5-7 Mar 2-4 May 5-6 July 7-8 Sept 8-9 Nov 3-4 Session 1 (3 days/Th-Sat) Session 2 (3 days/Th-Sat) Session 3 (2 days/Fri-Sat) Session 4 (2 days/Fri-Sat) Session 5 (2 days/Fri-Sat) Session 6 (2 days/Fri-Sat) Final Case Presentation & Graduation Small Class Sizes – Limited Space Available – Register Today! Visit our website txcos.com for more information or contact Kathy Stewart, Executive Director at kathy@txcos.com or (855) 539-4040. www.TXCOS.com