Houston Dentistry Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 7

as a team of trusted advisors with deep reserves of expertise and unparalleled resources. Where a single broker might divide his or her time between multiple clients, Watson Brown clients are served by a team. Their staff, including a legal assistant, technical writer, and closing agent, works together to represent each client’s interests and market the practice every day, around the clock. The team’s combined dental, legal, accounting, and tax expertise is an invaluable resource for doctors preparing for a practice transition. “We believe that our combined experience across multiple disciplines offers our clients a unique level of expertise that affords a clear advantage,” Frank Brown points out. single party and not compromise the client’s interests.” Confidentiality of a practice transition is a common concern for both the seller and buyer. “We understand the importance of strict confidentiality in any practice transition,” notes Jeremy Brown. “Our clients can feel confident that their private information is secure and protected at all stages of the transition process.” Financing the sale of a practice is a critical element in the transition. Watson Brown has established strong relations with lenders who specialize in dental practice acquisition financing. Their firm can help buyers obtain 100% financing so that the selling doctor does not incur the liability of carrying the note. their client’s practices. “Our marketing campaigns effectively advertise our clients’ practices for sale 24/7,” notes Jeremy Brown. “However, our best marketing tool is our reputation and network in the dental industry. Our past clients tell other dentists about their successful transitions using our firm which brings exposure for our current practice listings and attracts qualified buyers.” ADS Member Network Watson Brown is a member of American Dental Sales (ADS), a national organization comprised of the most recognized and respected dental practice transition firms in North America. As members of ADS, Watson Brown represents the nation’s Every practice transition involves tax issues. Watson Brown continually monitors changes in the dynamic legal environment and tax law to avoid costly errors or oversights. Their firm properly structures all transitions to minimize tax consequences and saves their clients thousands of dollars. Beyond negotiating the complexities of legal contracts and tax planning issues, there is an unexpected personal side to practice transitions that often goes overlooked by brokers. As Dr. Piazza explains, “A practice transition can be charged with emotion, but expert coaching from a team you trust helps to reduce anxiety throughout each stage of the transition and inspires confidence in the outcome. We make sure both the seller and buyer are well-prepared to make informed decisions. Our team is qualified to handle every detail, including financing, legal, and tax planning. We plan for every contingency ahead of time to reduce the risks.” Frank Brown cautions against the old model of using a single individual to handle a transaction, also known as dual representation. He explains, “The single broker approach to represent both sides of a practice transition is flawed. A trusted advisor must represent the interests of a The team’s combined dental, legal, accounting and tax expertise is an invaluable resource for doctors preparing for a practice transition. Nationwide, 24/7 Marketing In today’s market, prospective buyers search for practice opportunities at all times – between prophy checks, during their lunch break, and long after midnight. Prospective buyers primarily use the internet to find available practice opportunities. Watson Brown recognizes the importance of using online campaigns to advertise foremost experts in dental practice transitions. ADS members are held to high ethical standards by peer review and must regularly complete continuing education to keep abreast of the latest knowledge and trends in the industry. Watson Brown is currently the only ADS firm in the state of Texas. ADS hosts one of the largest online data- www.houstondentistrymagazine.com | HOUSTON DENTISTRY 7