Houston Dentistry Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 21

times in multiple ways to maximize your chances of receiving those reviews. It is well known among advertisers that repetition and exposure drive consumer action. The more often you put your message in front of your audience, the more likely they are to remember it – and take action. These three steps will not guarantee a review after each appointment, but they have been proven to dramatically increase the number of patient reviews a practice receives. Those extra reviews will not only provide the social proof your prospective patients are seeking, they will also increase your visibility in Google, other search engines and mobile apps. Here are three simple tips to help you get more reviews from your satisfied patients. Marc Fowler is President of Bullseye Media in McKinney, Texas. Since 2007, they have helped hundreds of dental practices across the U.S. and Canada leverage the internet to achieve their practice growth goals. Use attention-getting signs in your office to ask for reviews. 1 Place signs throughout your practice prompting your patients to write a review. You can place them in the waiting area, in operatories and anywhere else a patient may have idle time. Marc can be reached by phone at (214) 592-9393 or send an email to: marc@OnlineDentalMarketing.com or visit OnlineDentalMarketing.com for a complimentary customized Online Marketing and Reputation X-Ray Analysis. The signs can direct them to your Google+ or Yelp listings. Or, as we do for our clients, you can build a “review funnel” page and direct them there. Once on the page, patients see links to important online directory listings. When designed properly, your review funnel page will also dramatically reduce the chances of a negative review being posted about you in a public forum. Hand out wallet-sized Review Us cards. Trusted advisors to dentists and their practices since 1997 Comprehensive Insurance Planning Dental Risk Management Specialists Train your team to hand out review cards to each satisfied patient. The size of a business card, these tools are a great, physical reminder to review your practice. Similar to the in-office signs, the cards display the QR code and URL to your review funnel page. The cards can include your logo and colors to match your brand. 2 Follow up each appointment with an email. 3 Thank the patient for allowing your practice to care for them, and then ask for a review and provide a link to your review funnel page. While patient reminder systems automate the patient followup email, they usually direct patients to an internal reviews page/website. The problem with this approach is that the reviews sitting on the reminder provider’s server are not nearly as visible in search engines as reviews posted on major review websites. We recommend using the system to send the emails, but include links in the email to direct the patient to external review websites. MALPRACTICE OFFICE WORK COMP DISABILITY LIFE HEALTH HOME AUTO 855.505.1121 www.insurance4dds.com www.houstondentistrymagazine.com | HOUSTON DENTISTRY 21