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HAIR TRENDS REGISTER FOR YOUR TICKET AT THEIMAGEEXPO.COM OR CALL 877-219-3976 SUNDAY MAY 20 10:45AM - 11:45AM MONDAY MAY 21 10:00AM - 11:00AM l CONTEXT CUTTING JUSTIN THOMAS - HATTORI HANZO SHEARS Using reference points on the head and other techniques to understand all cutting methods.Class will cover a comprehensive guide to understanding existing skill utilizing distribution and reference points on the head. Mastering looks like the “Long Bob,” “corrective haircutting” and enforcing the use of “Hard line” Vs. “Soft Line” hand positioning. All participants will receive extensive focus on body mechanics and positioning to better health and applied methods in cutting. These methods are simple enough for the newest stylist yet advanced enough for the more seasoned professional. SUNDAY MAY 20 1:00PM - 2:00PM l MONDAY MAY 21 1:00PM - 2:00PM CHOP SUEY TEXTURIZING ROY JAY WHITE - HATTORI HANZO SHEARS Join Hattori Hanzo as Roy Jay White demonstrates shear techniques focused on short hair trends that will help you execute today’s hottest pixie haircuts and men’s classic styles. This is a Low Fi class with all cutting being done exclusively with shears. Techniques that will be featured are Chop Suey Texturizing, Yosh Technique, and Scissor Over Bone, Efficiency BTC and Proper Shear Selection. MONDAY MAY 21 1:00PM - 2:00PM TEXTURE REFORM BLOWOUT CHRIS NOBLE - HAIRCOLOGY PRODUCTS A blowout is more than a simple blow dry and flat iron. In order to achieve the fullness, bounce, and movement clients desire their texture has to be reformed which starts before you shampoo the hair. Join Chris to unlock the mysteries of the popular blowout on African American hair. This class will also discuss how to utilize hydroxides to elongate tightly coiled hair and proteins and extend the blowout which will increase your service ticket. Stop burning hair, wasting time with dangerous gases, and learn to reform that texture for the look your clients desire and will love. Guaranteed! • Define what a blow out really is • Explain the difference between blow out, Dominican blow out, Brazilian blow out, silk press • Review hair types and textures • Review product knowledge • Unveil how to repair damage hair during the blowout process • Demonstrate and explain blow out process steps • Tips to create silky hair • Discuss tools needed • Retail discussion SUNDAY MAY 20 1:00PM - 2:00PM UNLOCING THE SECRETS: LOCING STRAIGHT HAIR JUSTIN KACE Many people are embracing their desires to go natural and start their loc journey. However many wont or delay the process due to the reluctance to cut their relaxed or permed hair and start from the natural texture. Creating locs for straight hair requires a totally different technique then used for kinky textures. Gain knowledge and insight on how to preform loc services for all hair types and textures. These services can be applied to everyone including Caucasian, Asian, Dominican, and African Americans with straight hair. • Tools & Supplies Needed • Locing Straight Hair Techniques • Loc Maintenance • Marketing SUNDAY MAY 20 1:00PM - 2:00PM UNLOCK THE MYSTERY OF COLOR ELAINE TRAVIS - EXPERT COLOR SOLUTIONS This class is ideal for salon professionals at any level of experience striving to become color experts. You will learn: A simple fool proof method of formulation using a basic math equation Marketing ideas to stand out from the competition and attract more clients. You will also learn how to exceed your client’s expectations and keep them loyal for life Understanding the 80/20 rule for success and the simple effective techniques to step up your color game. #HoustonIMAGEExpo2018 / 877-219-3976 / theimageexpo.com 11