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HANDS-ON CLASSES REGISTER FOR YOUR TICKET AT THEIMAGEEXPO.COM OR CALL 877-219-3976 SUNDAY MAY 20 10:00AM - 12:00PM COST OF CLASS $250 BALAYAGE HAIR PAINTING ROOM 381B JIMMY HILTON - TED GIBSON ARTISTIC TEAM Paint like a pro. The Ted Gibson Artistic Team will dazzle and delight you with the skills, tips and tricks you need to know to wow your clients with spectacular haircolor. • Small, Medium, & Large Barrel Round Brushes (Preferably a mix of boar and synthetic bristles with no metal or ceramic barrels) • Mason Pierson Brush • Paddle Brush • Denman Brush (nine row) SUNDAY MAY 20 1:00PM - 3:00PM • Back Combing Brush • Cutting Comb • Tail Comb • Blow Dryer • Marcel Irons - ½ inch, ¾ inch, 1 inch, 1 ½ inch • Flat Iron • Clips (Sectioning, Duck bill, Pin curl) • Hair Pins (Black, bronze, brown) • Bobby Pins (Black, bronze, brown) • Elastics • Bungees COST OF CLASS $250 BRAIDS AND BRIDAL ROOM 381B JESSICA GARZA - TED GIBSON ARTISTIC TEAM The two hottest moneymaking trends in one class. The Ted Gibson Artistic Team will show you how to impress all your clients form Boho Brides to hipster fashion girls with trends and techniques sure to inspire. • Paddle Brush • Combs (Tail Comb, Wide Tooth Comb, Cutting Comb, Rat Tail Combs) SUNDAY MAY 20 11:00AM - 2:00PM • Tint Brushes (Narrow, Wide) • Clips (Sectioning, Butterfly) • Gloves • Curling Irons •Smoothing Brush •Bobby Pins COST OF CLASS $125 •Elastics ROOM 381A LEARN HOW TO MAKE A CUSTOM WIG WITH A SEWING MACHINE EUNICE JOHNSON WIGS ARE VERY POPULAR, AND THEY CAN BE CREATED WITH A SEWING MCHINE. They can be made fast and professional looking with the ease of the sewing machine. Learn how to create the foundation and soon you will be making custom wigs. Licensed Instructor/Hair Replacement Specialist Eunice Johnson TOOLS AND SUPPLIES NEEDED: Sewing machine, canvas head, scissors,tripod and 2 pks of hair and a lace closure MONDAY MAY 21 11:00AM - 1:00PM COST OF CLASS $175 ROOM 381A SAVVY STYLIST’S GUIDE TO BUSINESS EXPANSION WITH EXTENSIONS SHEA WHITE - DONNA BELLA HAIR Sure, you’re a stylist, buy you’re also a smart business person! Grow your business by learning two of the most popular hair extension methods offered by Donna Bella: Tape-In and I-Link (beaded). Not only will you receive one-of-a-kind training methods, you’ll also learn how to price your services, how to secure a deposit, marketing your services, providing meaningful consultations and teaching your clients how to protect their investment by offering helpful maintenance and home care tips. Students: please bring shears, pen, and paper MONDAY MAY 21 10:00AM - 12:30PM COST OF CLASS $99 BALAYAGE BOOT CAMP CUYLER ENGRAM + CRISTINA KAISER ROOM 381B - SALON & SPA WHOLESALER “Balayage” is a French word that refers to the process of “sweeping”, or “painting”, color onto hair. This highlighting method is able to give you a more natural result with a lot less maintenance than traditional foils. Perlacolor ẽq 兝 Ё Êt̵́ɽՍѥѼѡЁ 兝)]ѡȁԁɔ܁ѼѡЁ兝ȁɕ䁱ѼȁɕЁѕՕ̸=ȁͭAɱȁՍѽ́ݥɅє)ѕՕ́ݡԁݥѡɕєѡեɽ٥ȁԸ ѡѡq 兝 Ё Êtݽɭ͡ԁݥٔ)ѡݱͭ́ѼЁȁ݅ѼՍ̄)́ЁѡɕɅѥѕ́ݥٕ 兝 ́х聄ե兝ɐ͠兝)͠Ȥ=ѕȁ ɕ̰兝ɅĤѱٽյ= ɕٕȰȤՉ́AɱȁAɽͥ!ȁ ɥ) ɕ=ѥ䰁ɕɅ́͡ձͥȁɥ聄͕ѥ̰͵ɑȀɍ͕ЁȤ()́)ѡ)ѡ)хɅѡ