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BUSINESS OF BEAUTY SUNDAY MAY 20 1:30PM - 2:30PM ROOM 371E DOES YOUR SALON REFLECT YOUR BRAND? PAULA HUTCHINSON - SECOND TO NONE SALON Paula Hutchinson is back with a class that focuses on developing a brand that can increase your income. The class is designed to help individuals get to the root of why they may not be maximizing their full potential and make corrections. This class will cover turning your brand around, trademark tools, and adding value to your brand that will fit your budget. Get the scoop on industry trends and get your brand to attract the consumers needed for growth and success. The class includes: • Materials to take back to the salon • Understanding of how a brand can make or break a salon image • Get information on brand development trends MONDAY MAY 21 2:30PM - 3:30PM ROOM 371C BEAUTY BASICS: STRIVING AND THRIVING IN THE WORLD OF BEAUTY TUVIANA COOPER - BEAUTY MARK Here we will discover ways to set ourselves apart from the rest, covering things that can be essential to staying ahead in the world of beauty. • Professionalism • Client awareness • Best ways to help with Booking and how to handle overbooking crisis • Jobs that are best when entering into the world or while we are already veteran in this here field • How to treat co workers and employers in salon • Calculating income for end of the year taxes • Is Booth Rent better or working as a commissioned operator when entering into self employment SUNDAY MAY 20 2:30PM - 3:30PM ROOM 371D ACCELERATED BUSINESS SUCCESS AMY CARTER - EMPOWERING YOU • The simple methods to creating a PROFITABLE business model that works • Gain the tools needed to succeed as owners and managers • Tested systems to empower your team and develop a winning culture MONDAY MAY 21 1:00PM - 2:00PM l (For Owners, Managers and ALL Technicians) ROOM 371C HOW TO BECOME A $100,000 TO $200,000 SALON/SPA PRO DEREK MALDONADO - INSPIRING CHAMPIONS We’ve Already Helped THOUSANDS Accomplish This! Now You Can Too! WOULD YOU LIKE TO…. •Work LESS and make MORE? •DOUBLE your Income WITHOUT seeing MORE clients? •Learn PROVEN tips & systems to instantly GROW your business? YOU WILL LEARN: •How to ADD $100+ to your book EVERY DAY! •3 PROVEN ways to BOOST your income by $10,000 to $20,000 NOW! •The SECRET to working SMART vs HARD & create more Life/Work balance •How to make MORE MONEY with FEWER clients and WITHOUT raising prices If you are seeking PROVEN ways to EARN MORE and WORK LESS than this is the class for YOU! #HoustonIMAGEExpo2018 / 877-219-3976 / theimageexpo.com 17