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HAIR TRENDS FREE WITH THE PURCHASE OF YOUR IMAGE EXPO TICKET AT THEIMAGEEXPO.COM SUNDAY MAY 20 1:00PM - 2:00PM ROOM 371B MOLD MADNESS CASSANDRA POWELL - STYLE STUDIO HAIR SALON CANCELED In this course “Mold Madness” we will discuss the importance of starting off with a strong foundation. As we know the foundation is the starting point of everything be it building a building, making a meal, or styling hair. Your foundation will determine how good the outcome will be. We will discuss the various types of molds used when styling hair and the purposes of using these mold techniques. • soft wave molds • straight molds for short cuts • Braid, gel, & cap molds for quick weaves • Twisted molds • Look + Learn • Bring Notepad, Pencil, Paper MONDAY MAY 21 10:00AM - 11:00AM ROOM 370E COLORFUL CONVERSATION ELAINE TRAVIS - EXPERT COLOR SOLUTIONS After 30 years of attending educational events I realized that the best tips and tricks that I learned were from conversations with other stylists at the coffee bar, lunch or ladies room breaks. Join me for this outside the box concept of learning where we will pass the microphone around the room and you can ask those questions that you have kept inside at prior classes because you were too shy to ask! Let me help you learn and grow in a safe and comfortable environment of judgement free sharing. SUNDAY MAY 20 2:30PM - 3:30PM l MONDAY MAY 21 2:30PM - 3:30PM YOU’RE NUTS IF YOU’RE NOT USING PROTECTION! YVETTE HOLLOWAY - JUST WRIGHT STYLES In this course, instructions and demonstrations of proper hair care and protective techniques, for primarily Natural but also Relaxed clients, will be provided for learners to produce healthy and natural looking styles while performing a Wuick Weave, Sew-In, and a Crochet style. MONDAY MAY 21 2:00PM - 4:00PM ROOM 370F PRETTY IN PASTELS CRISTINA KAISER + NATALI VAUL - SALON & SPA WHOLESALER Summer is here and our Instagram faves are getting those soft, pastel hair colors. Resisting the temptation to follow the trend can be a major challenge… so it’s time to stand-out and make a bold statement! Oyster Perlacolor has made it a lot easier. The Perlacolor Educators will share cutting-edge techniques and demonstrate our newest line of lighteners, pastel colors, semi-permanent conditioning masks, and bond builders that have been specially formulated to make your clients “Pretty In Pastels.” MONDAY MAY 21 11:00AM - 12:30PM ROOM 370A EASE YOUR NATURAL FRUSTRATIONS CHRIS NOBLE - HAIRCOLOGY PRODUCTS Since the natural hair movement, cosmetologist around the globe have suffered a drop in clientele. Don’t let this get you down; Chris is here to help revamp your business. A client going natural is simply a trend, however there are other reasons such as hair loss, dandruff, scalp irri-tations, texture changes, or tired of being burnt by the relaxer. Natural clients also love the ver-satility of wearing curly do’s one week, and having silky straight hair the next, but afraid their natural curl pattern will be weaken. This 2 part workshop will enter you into the world of tricol-ogy, and holistic healing of the hair and scalp which will enable you to identify the problem and solve the issue within the salon. You will also learn how to utilize natural proteins and low ther-mal heat to straighten curly natural hair which not only protects the clients curl pattern, but strengthens within resulting in a frizz free more defined pattern on their next shampoo. This will be a high educational impact class you can’t afford to miss! • Why are clients going natural • Is is really the relaxer causing hair damage • Discuss what the scalp and scalp is made of and how it functions • Discuss what hair needs to maintain healthy • Discuss factors that affect the hair and scalp outside of hair products 14 find us online... @theimageexpo facebook.com/theimageexpo • Review product ingredient knowledge • Uncover common harmful products we use In the salon besides relaxers • How to give the clients the look they want and maintain a healthy hair and scalp • Why retail is important instagram/theimageexpo