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HAIR TRENDS FREE WITH THE PURCHASE OF YOUR IMAGE EXPO TICKET AT THEIMAGEEXPO.COM SUNDAY MAY 20 10:00AM - 11:00AM ROOM 370E LET’S KICK SOME BRASS! ELAINE TRAVIS - EXPERT COLOR SOLUTIONS The number one struggle in hair color is fighting brass. I will share with you how to avoid it and how to fix it in this eye opening class. Blondes, brunettes and redheads will all benefit from your new approach to brass free color when you understand how it is really created. You will become the “go to”’ expert in your area when you master this understanding of avoiding unnecessary warmth and your new guest count will soar! SUNDAY MAY 20 1:00PM - 2:00PM ROOM 370A COLOR FLOW CHRIS NOBLE - HAIRCOLOGY PRODUCTS Have you ever preformed a coloring service and once you were done the excitement went out the window? Does color melting, shadow roots, neon colors are just getting the grey completely out of your clients hair sound exciting? This class will demonstrate the latest color technique while giving tips on how to prevent hair damage and getting the desired color the first time. Color should flow and not stand still. See you in class! • Why is color placement so important • Discuss how you determine which technique is best to use • Demonstrate techniques • Conditioning phase • Q & A • Explain why the cap is played out SUNDAY MAY 20 1:00PM - 2:00PM ROOM 371A UNLOCING THE SECRETS: LOCING STRAIGHT HAIR JUSTIN KACE Many people are embracing their desires to go natural and start their loc journey. However many wont or delay the process due to the reluctance to cut their relaxed or permed hair and start from the natural texture. Creating locs for straight hair requires a totally different technique then used for kinky textures. Gain knowledge and insight on how to preform loc services for all hair types and textures. These services can be applied to everyone including Caucasian, Asian, Dominican, and African Americans with stra YZ\( \Y\YYY([ZYZ\X\]Y\¸(XZ[[[B(X\][”SVHPVH  N H H BBBBBBBBTH TTSHRTԈT&T SSPS BSVHPVH  LN SH H L BSӑVHPVH H N H H BBBBUSHTPЈHTӈVHBSS HTSHԓTH PSPHVSHQQ\ ]\[\[YK]]H[\[\YK[H[^H[]Z\ۈZ\X]\H[H[&]ZHH\[Y[YZ\][ˈX\\H[ܙH[[\[XY[][ۈ[][HTPЈBSVHPVH  H H Ό BBBBBBBBTH RTԈSTQQQP TPԈQSQHS•YH[ Z[]X\X\H][Y[܈Z\܈H\\\\Z[[H܈Y[ X\[B[X\KXۙ\K\X\H \H[ܜ\H]\XZ[Hۙܚ\ YHۛ]ۛYH\\]][Z[H\YH\]X \X[Z\ܚ[ˈYx&\\[ۈ\HHܙX]YX]܈H\[HTY]8'Y\][\x'KL[\ۛ[KZ[XYY^™XX˘KZ[XYY^š[Yܘ[KZ[XYY^