Housing Happenings Issue Six (Spring 2019) - Page 12

RLS CORNER Featuring April Saldana Resident Advisor My name is April Saldana. I am a second year student double majoring in History and Chicano studies. Something unique about me is that I can hyperextend my elbows (I’m double jointed)! Also, if I were to sing karaoke I would pick Don’t Stop Me by Queen! Featuring Janell Martin rlsa My name is Janell Martin and I am an RLSA. A quirky habit that I have is when I feel anxious in class, I draw on my notes to calm down. I mainly draw eyes as they are easy and fun to draw. If I were to sing karaoke, I would sing “So What” by P!NK. I love her, and this song I always hear in the back of my head. My advice I give people is that it’s ok to stop, and not be constantly on the go. Selfcare is super important, especially when you are in college because there is a lot of stress here. Finding a balance between yourself and your responsibilities is how we grow up!