Housing Happenings Issue Five (Spring 2019) - Page 4

how to stay organized Here are some tips on how to finish strong this semester. the best way is to stay organized and stay on top of due dates for your classes Get a planner! With this, you can see what’s coming up in your schedule in each week/month Keep track of your syllabi. These usually have all your due dates and descriptions of your assignments Make a To-Do List. This will help you stay on track. With Google Calendar you can add Tasks on the side of it, showing your To- Do List right next to your online planner Work and play in different areas. Your bed should be for sleep and sickness, not work. Work at your desk or at the library. Reserve your bed for sleeping or hanging out! Use a whiteboard for daily/ weekly reminders. Hang it up on your wall so you see it every day and only write down the important stuff Color code! You can have a different color folder/ notebook for each class. It will be easier to see what class you’re packing for that way you aren’t carrying all your school supplies around