Housetrends Tampa Bay March / April 2016 - Page 67

BIG styleo small PACKAGES comes in 1 2 3 Three outdoor spaces offer one-of-a-kind landscaping BY LYLA HAGGARD | Photos by Johan Roetz We’ve all heard the saying, “Good things come in small packages.” But did you know that applies even to landscape design? For many residents in the Tampa Bay area who have chosen to live in historic preservation districts or other older areas, they understand the true meaning of that quotation. Turn of the 19-20th century housing tended to be tall and elegant but more cut up, with numerous smaller rooms, and placed on lots with huge front yards and somewhat ignored smaller back yards. Today, times have changed. Floridians are installing pools, sprinkler systems, outdoor kitchens and patios to the extent that most residents spend more time in the back yard than their ancestors did on the front porch. | Three area homeowners recently took on the task of transforming their outdoor spaces to make them more user-friendly. One couple focused on the front yard, while the other two set their sights on updating the green areas behind their homes. ➻ housetrends tampa bay 67 067-073 nLND BigStyleSmallPackage.indd 67 3/16/16 5:53 PM