Housetrends Pittsburgh March / April 2015 - Page 25

the 150-year-old bricks local, the rest were distributed to other houses doing construction in the neighborhood. Dan and Leslie wanted their front door to open to a wide-open floor plan with the dining room leading the way. “We kept it in the front of the house because we don’t use it much and it makes a nice entrance,” explains Dan. Next in line is the kitchen, which sports a 12-foot quartz-topped island, IKEA cabinetry, butcher-block perimeter countertops, and five-inch wide maple floors. The house runs just 17 feet wide, so pocket doors were used to capitalize on space. “Putting the sink in the island was strategic because I can do dishes, and no one feels like they have to help me,” says Leslie. “It’s great because the party just keeps on going.” Three steps down will land you in a living room that teeters between contemporary and vintage. The coffee table was handmade by the couple, using an old office chair for the base and a piece of burrowed wood for the topper. “Mostly everything was in our old house, and even the antiques now feel new. They get a better showing here,” points out Dan. “Leslie likes having old things around, which is why I think I’m here,” he laughs. 3 A 12-foot island takes center stage in the new modern kitchen. 4 Sleek modern furniture paired with vintage antique pieces help to create a oneof-a-kind living room. ➻ housetrends greater pittsburgh 25 020-030 tFEA ASweetRevival.indd 25 2/26/15 4:49 PM