Hotep Magazine MAY.2017 - Page 14

SHORT NEWS f SCIENTIFIC RACISM is the use of ostensibly sci- entific or pseudo-scientific techniques to support or justify the belief in racism. Carl Linnaeus (1707–1778), the Swedish physician, botanist, and zoologist, modified the established taxonomic bases of binomial nomenclature for fauna and flora, and was a pioneer researcher in biologically defining human race. Read Full Story.... GETTING INVOLVED Help re-shape, unify and cultivate our collective black conscious. ADVERTISE WITH US SUBMIT AN EVENT OR SUGGESTION BECOME A VOLUNTEER We offer quality design and affordable packages to market your business, event, or organization. Your opinion always matters and we love hearing feedback let us know what you think. We champion several community enrichment initiatives - we’re always looking for extra help. d BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR MAKE A DONATION UPCOMING EVENT THE ART OF GUERRILLA WARFARE We are always looking for talented, dedicated and motivated individu- als to join the team. We appreciate all the love and support from our members. If you would like to contribute click here to email us Stay connected, join our mailing list, subscribe to our digital magazine. Check for events posted weekly. View Calendar / Living today can be tough! But what if everything stopped. No more grocery stores open, no more restau- rants, no more gas stations. How would you survive? Read Full Story... / / JOIN THE LITERAL SUBSTANCE BLACK BUSINESS DIRECTORY As part of our collective economic empowerment initiative we are building the largest black online business directory in the world. The directory will feature businesses, individuals and organizations that cater to our people and our interest. Tell Us About Your Business! 14