Hotep Magazine MAY.2017 - Page 13

and post it first you should use as a spiritual life enhancer. You won’t be the most popular person and you won’t get thousands of jobs offers but it will pay off eventually. If you read a book on revolution study the tactics, the language, the mistakes, and spirit not mimic or quote but to revolt! Spiritually Refurbished- Actions taken or words spoken from the Ancestors or an Ancestor and reused to modern times. Whether it be an Idea, Quote, Plan, etc. Example: Malcolm X Speech: The Ballot or The Bullet, Khalid Muhammad Speech: The Bullet or The Bullet, Martin Luther King: Million Man March, Louis Farrakhan: Million Man March, Black Panther Party, New Black Panther Party If there are 3 things our culture now has lost sight of is power, money, and agriculture. You can’t scream black power and those not be on your list of things to do. HO T E P M A G A ZI NE · JA NU A R Y 20 17 13