Hotep Magazine MAY.2017 - Page 12

TOOLS TO REVOLUTION: BLACK+POWER= INFLUENCE, MONEY, LAND, AND UNITY What good is knowledge without action and how can you take action without knowledge. It seems every conscious corner you turn on someone is trying to showcase their wealth of knowledge. When did it become adequate to quote and mimic to be a revolutionary or conscious? The problem with the black community is that we accept non-sense, deception, lack of action, and great speeches. Spiritually refurbished and revolutionized quotes and actions should be spoken and put to use on a 12 daily in the name of liberation and evolution of our people. We must as individuals, leaders and groups take knowledgeable action every day not just when a story comes on the news or on the internet. OUR FOUNDING FATHERS AND MOTHERS USED KNOWLEDGE IN ORDER TO TAKE ACTION. Marcus Garvey, Nat Turner, Malcolm, Martin, Harriet, Aussetta Shakur, Betty, etc. all of them took what they were taught freed, killed, took a stand, and provided for our people. Nobody just went around speaking just to speak, nobody had debates to see who was smarter it was to increase knowledge in order to take correct action for certain results. Now as soon as we see a fellow Sista or Brotha we trying to test her or his knowledge and see who knows more or we join groups on and off the computer to parade our pride and use it as a patch on our sleeve instead of nutrients to our body. A true lover of her or his culture embraces knowledge and it flows through them like the blood in veins. KNOWLEDGE CHANGES YOUR LIFE AND LIFESTYLE. Knowledge dictates action as you learn you should not try