Hotep Magazine MAY.2017 - Page 10

our African American com- munities such as 5th ward, 3rd ward and 1st ward have changed into high rising skyscrapers, three story town homes and condominiums. What is that southern hospital- ity feel? Its where children can run and play in the streets with neighbors, sit on the porch to enjoy the view and smell the roses. However, due to the New York transformation, some of those attributes will not be the focal point due to the changes. Don’t get me wrong! If the city wants to do transformation of the landscape stay out of the hoods. 10 THE NEW LOOK SO FAR IS COSTING HOMEOWNERS IN THESE AREAS according to the Houston Chronicle, “The changes threat- en Houston’s vaunted identity as an affordable place to live and, if left unchecked, could magnify the economic segre- gation and income inequality of a city already ranked high in both this is a metropolis in flux, a place where newly built townhome dev [Y[[\[H\\Y[\^\˜]\HYY[ ]\B]HY\[[B\^[ۈ[\X\ق[\X]HZYܚ[Z[YH\Y[\HZ[œ\Y][]^HB؜˸'Hۜ\]Y[K\[H\[XX\[ H\و[YX][ۈ\[\YYHX\\ H\[H L M [و]][H\YX\ˈ[\\ H\ܚX[HX›ZYܚ X\[ܙX\YLH\[ݙ\]HYX\˂[[X\܈Y\[BY]\XH\HH[\L \[H L M Xܙ[H\ܝHXB[]\]x&\[[\܂\Z[X[]K