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MONTH IN REVIEW STAT OF THE MONTH 7/10 That’s how many samples of iced coffee drinks at Costa were found to have faecal bacteria in them. ONLINE BOOKING STR and Google find “strong correlation” between searches and bookings New figures from VisitBritain show that April was a record month for the number of overseas visits to the UK and spend. Some 3.7million visits were made to the UK in April, up 19% when compared to the same period last year. Overseas visitors spent £2bn, up 20% on last year. Figures from the year’s first quarter (Jan to Feb) showed there was a record 11.8million inbound visits an increase of 11% on last year and the spend was £6.2bn, up 14%. Most of the growth in inbound visits have come from the US with more than one million visits in the first quarter, up 16% compared to the first quarter of 2016. There was also a record number of 8.3million visits from the EU an increase of 7%. Patricia Yates, director of VisitBritain, said: “Tourism is one of Britain’s most valuable export industries and it is very encouraging to see this continued growth as we head into the peak summer season and beyond. “We continue to drive home the message of value and welcome globally, particularly in our high spending markets China and the US and the valuable European market.” 8 2 3 4 5 6 HYGIENE Britannia Hotels pleads guilty to food safety breaches at the Adelphi Britannia Hotels, owners of Liverpool’s Adelphi hotel were taken to Liverpool Magistrates’ Court charged with a number of breaches of food safety laws. TOURISM STATS UK sees record number of overseas visits and spend in April 1 Higher Google search volumes are “strongly correlated” with higher hotel demand levels analysis from STR and Google has found. STR and Google looked at data from London and New York City for its regression analysis. The search patterns and hotel performance trends were studied for each market in 2015 and 2016. Accommodation searches in London rose by 2.1% in 2015 but only 0.8% in 2016. Hotel demand in the UK capital increased 1.7% in both 2015 and 2016. November and December of 2016 were shown to be strong months for accommodation searches and demand in London, which is attributable to the fall in the value of the British pound. Robert Bauer, senior analyst at ST "6C( W"7GVG6vVB7FF7F6ǒ6vf6B&VF6&WGvVVvvR6V&6FFBFPV&W"b&vG27GVǒ6@FRGv&WG2( v&&WG2f'w&VFǒ2@&VFW2F6V6ƗG67VW"G&fV&Vf"BV6֖2f7F'2'W@B2&V6&RF&V7B6֖ 6'&VFf"FW"W7F&Ɨ6V@&WG2FRFVGW7G'( ФRFFVC( F22'FBf FVƖW'276W76rFW&W7B'F7V"FW7FFBV7W&pr&rGFW&2WffR&V@FBFW&W7B( ФBF֗GFVBF'&V6rFRf@6fWGBvVR&VwVF27@#2fvr7V7F2BFRFV6WFV&W"#RB&6@6WFV&W"#bWfFV6Rb&FVG2ƗfR66&6W266&6&G'G2BV6Vf'2vW&RfVBBFR7V7F2'&FFV2VBwVGF6&vW2bfƖrFVWG2F6V6VBfƖrFfRFWVFP&6VGW&W26RF6G&W7G2F2GW&VBFRV&rF6VFV6r26VBFG&FRFV7W'&VFǒ2vVP&FrbGvWBbffRFfB&'&V&6V7WF"6C( 'G2wVGVFRFVfVFB66WG0G2&6VGW&W2vW&RBFWVFRFPFVfVFN( 2&6FW7B6G&v2&V7FfR&FW"F&7FfR( ФRvVBF6FBvPFRFVv2( BR&VpgVW&&RFW7G>( FRVB`FW&VƖ7B'VFw2V&'FRB&R( Fff7VB&&V( vƖ&&W'B7Vr&V`bFRFVFBFR6W'BFBW7B6G&6G&7F"6BFRFVv2( FrvB.( BFFV@FBFVvBv2r7FFp&&V( ƗBv2w&rF7VvvW7BF@Ev2&vRfW7FF( धVǒ#