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SPONSOR MESSAGE | HIGH LEVEL SOFTWARE SPONSOR MESSAGE: High Level Software Get more direct bookings with the new High Level Software Marketing Suite Driving direct bookings is ranked as the on their geographical location, number of unlimited discount voucher codes that can biggest challenge for hoteliers of all sizes in all bookings or purpose of trip. be entered via your availability page or redeemed over the phone. You have total locations across the world, according to new research by SiteMinder, the world’s leading channel manager. Our partners at SiteMinder asked their n  Use the edit facility to add video links control and can tailor as many offers to suit and pictures as many occasions or sales strategies as Studies show the top two main factors in you wish. users to choose from a range of issues to a guest’s decision process are reviews and determine what problems keep hoteliers photos. Prospective guests stay engaged awake at night. Amongst such issues as with the hotel online when there are photos ‘maintaining guest relationships and loyalty’ so create a lasting first impression of the it was ‘driving guests to your website to book hotel. The higher quality, the better and as We appreciate that technology doesn’t direct’ which hoteliers confirmed as their travelers search and review hotel photos stand still and to ensure our customers biggest challenge. Here is how the new High on third party sites and social media, it is are at the forefront of ever-changing Level Software (HLS) Marketing Suite can important that your photos are up to date technology landscape, we are already help you increase direct bookings and reduce and match the imagery of the hotel. Our working on the next wave of new costly commissions this summer! edit facility can be used to upload photos features to maintain repeat trade: straight to your gallery from your website and includes a customisable filter. n  A fully-responsive booking engine and mobile app n  Safely store unlimited e-mail templates n  Customer database With last-minute inventory often taken by Pre- and post-stay communication is an some of the more popular OTA’s, it’s more Guest accounts are automatically created important aspect of building long-term important than ever for hotel revenue in High Level Software and this data is relationships with your guests. Post- managers to tackle traveller booking habits essential to driving direct bookings. A hotel’s stay emails are the ideal way to ask for a and expectations head-on data can help answer two fundamental TripAdvisor or Google review, which, in turn questions: who are your guests and why will lead to more guests. We understand do they choose your property? Identifying that post-stay communication should based pricing your property’s most profitable customer continue on a regular basis as it’s a great Control all your third party rates in one segments is key to driving relevant way to alert your past guests to special central location saving you time and effort marketing and sales efforts. offers, new menus or extra perks. With and choose which pricing strategy you your virtual catalogue of pre- and post- want, when you want - maximize your stay emails at your fingertips, you can turn returns with HLS’s occupancy-based pricing. customers into repeat guests and brand As always, we will continue listening to ambassadors. our most important influence of all - our n  Design your own automated pre-and n  Rates module to allow for occupancy- customers. By giving them the tools to do post-stay emails deliver the best possible experience f )ɭѥ́ѡЁݕəհѡ̸)́ȁɥ٥ɕЁ́)ɕЁ݅ѼɅѽȁ共䁸ɅєչѕٽՍȁ)ɕЁ̸ͥMѕѡ́ȁȁɽ̰兰Օ́ȁ)ɕٕՔɕ́ѕЁͥ)ѥЁȁݕȁЁ́ԁٔͼ%ɕ͔ѡյȁɕЁ́)ՍمՅфȁЁՕ̸ɥ́Ѽȁɕɹ)]͕ЁȁфѼͽ͕ɔՕ쁝ٔѡɕͽѼ)́ѼȁՕ́ЁɕѱݥѠԸ=ȁѕݥɅє()ܹѕݹȹլ)%9=UP5=I)ܹٕͽ݅ɔ))ձ